Two real Mexico deaths?

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Update 2/14/14 2003h More

A sewing machine was stolen? Is that valuable anywhere anymore? 7+6=13 … that’s a fairly exact number … how much time does one have to rob a place? This was a robbery, not a moving job. The story makes less sense as the details emerge.…

The TV, a camera, sewing machine, and various household appliances, along with credit cards and 7,600 pesos in cash, are listed among valuables purportedly stolen during the crime. At last word, authorities were awaiting a court-ordered search warrant to search the place where Casillas admitted to stashing his share of the loot.

Update 2/12/14 2024h – Arrests

That’s odd: we’re told that the Mexican police are corrupt and incompetent, yet they seem to have busted this case in a made-for-TV 48 hours. Good work guys! Is it just me, or do the two lead suspects have odd names? Julius Ceasar and the Angel Jesus? Are these given names, street names, or psyOp names?…

I’ve confirmed my contact has actually met in person the named persons we are told are victims of homocide. So two people by this name did exist. Does this mean they were actually killed? That I, nor my contact, of course can confirm. Only trusted authorities can possibly confirm (and this of course is the problem – we have repeated over and over that we can’t verify via the media authorities.)

As the story evolves, there are now arrests. These two named entities don’t help in my determination if the story is real. In fact, the names and actually make it worse. If the arrests and arrestees are fictive, does that make the murder fake? Of course not, but it doesn’t help.


Julio Cesar Castello Casellas, 31, is in custody after Nina Discombe, 72, and Edward Kular, 84, were found dead in their home in Ajijic Sunday, Jalisco attorney-general Luis Carlos Najera confirmed.

Police are still searching for his brother, Angel Dejesus, 22, a construction worker working on a home behind Discombe and Kular’s.

Update: 2142h

This is odd. Wouldn’t you want to identify your next-of-kin first hand? I know I would.…

Family members are in contact in contact with the Canadian consular officials, but have no plans to travel to Mexico.

“Forensics (officers) down there still have to do their testing. We will probably have the bodies cremated and sent back,” Kular said.

“This is just a bad dream. At this point we have to wait and see what happens.”

Update 2/10/14 2102h

My contact now tells me they met this Nina character a couple of years ago. Her website has some very interesting prose on its top page:

Secrets can be insidious.  If you’ve ever had a secret, or kept one for someone else, you’ve had the monkey on your back.

Big secrets especially have a way of isolating us from others, but they also cut us off from ourselves.  They have a way of turning our lives into a pretense, a masquerade – a central theme in
The Leprous Veil of Love.

Nina Discombe   Author

Apparently the murdered man met this woman and they bought a place together only in the last year (even though he had allegedly been renting in the area for 30+ years).

There are already many rumors around the area of ex-pats, saying there is far more to the story than a simple random murder for a TV and some Ontario (salt-attacked) cars.

My contact admits that they don’t know much more than what is being reported, and likely will never know. In other words, the only difference between this story and any other random story is that they actually met one of the people involved. This alone makes the story that much more real, but doesn’t preclude or eliminate fakery of psOpery.

The initial story that a random attack occurred, all for a small time theft, creates the maximum terror threat value. This is because anyone who is minding their own business in their private home is a potential target – and this naturally would include everyone. As the story evolves, and perhaps a more likely motive emerges, the threat to everyone may decrease. In the mean time, the story has many negative and destructive consequences for those in the area and those considering the area, and those that are related to them – especially if the story is factual in any way.

Once more, my personal proximity to this case may cloud my judgement when it comes to fakery. As more information is released, it may or not be possible to make a better assessment as to the veracity of the media event.

* * *

2/10/14 1428h

I got this story before the media broke it. I have a trusted source that met this couple recently. They know the couple’s names and the neighbor who found them. Does this make this story true?

I’d say it makes it closer to the truth than most of the Canadians killed away from home stories I’ve posted about. While I’m leary of many of these stories, this one appears to be true.

Foreign travel or relocating can be dangerous. There is a huge disparity between co-habitant’s wealth. Your watch may be worth more than your native neighbor’s entire annual income. I always am aware of this when I’ve been to Mexico (or the seedier areas of many American states).

Mexican news reports say two elderly Canadians were found murdered in their ransacked home in the western state of Jalisco over the weekend.…

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10 thoughts on “Two real Mexico deaths?

  1. tsisageya

    Here’s what I’m thinking. The awesome United States of America lies, propagandizes, and manipulates. The United States Constitution is moot. Moot. The fourth estate is a big bunch of liars.

    I’m guessing that we are all being lied into wars, wars, and rumors of wars.

    Suddenly, I see the light. DUH. Apparently, the humans being murdered in Afghanistan and Iraq by the U.S. don’t count and have never counted.

    I say all that to say that what we have done is monstrous and I don’t know how to forgive it. I don’t know how to be meek and mild and joyful and full of the Holy Spirit.

    I think there comes a time of no forgiveness anymore— Wrath unmingled with mercy. Sorry.

    Trust in Jesus Christ. His is the only name to trust.

    But I still think Bill Nye won the debate.

  2. columjaddica

    This article is kind of confusing to me, mainly because I don’t know who contacted you. Considering the recent Mexico story here, and the special attention it got, how do you know this wasn’t a psyop created and given directly to you?

    It’s kind of hard for us to see how a person contacting you would prove that the two people were real. Just pointing that out, not disbelieving you really but it doesn’t add much from this perspective.

  3. ab Post author

    I don’t mind your stream of consciousness comments most times, but could you stick to discussing the fakery angle of things? Mexicans are fantastic people, and are just as much victims of deception as the rest of us. I will update this post shortly with more discoveries.

    1. tsisageya

      Sorry ab. I have a personal reason for hating things, including Mexico. Thanks for telling me what I should hate or not hate. This is your BLOG though so let’s go with you. Are there also things I should love? Let me know and I will immediately love them.

  4. tsisageya

    Disgusting. There is nothing to be done for it. Absolutely disgusting.

    From way back. It really hurts my feelings,

    1. tsisageya

      Mexico. I hate Mexico. I hate the culture, the music, the language, everything.

      Amnesty for illegal aliens? No. NO.


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