4 thoughts on “CSPAN Building 7 Spam Part 6

  1. JeremyG

    Can someone explain to me why building 7 is a red herring? I’m not saying its not, I just don’t fully understand why it is considered a distraction?

    1. ab Post author

      It’s a myth because its destruction is as unknown as the twin towers. What you saw was a movie, a representation of building 7 falling. That was, according to my best guess, as fabricated as any other part of the 102 minute movie. So instead of concentrating on the TOTAL deception of the footage, people are basing their analysis of what happened to building 7 on FAKE FOOTAGE. This distracts them from the main message-that all the imagery is manufactured prior to the event to affect maximum control of the situation. ALL of the buildings were destroyed by (CDI) controlled demolition, as are all buildings in the world that are to be removed and destroyed. To think that the gummint made a mistake and showed any incriminating footage shows lack of control — something I am certain could not have happened in a military-precise operation.

    2. elbuggo

      WTC7 is not part of the basis for the War on Terror and all this other nonsense we have to go along with. No planes crashed there, and no claimed victims died there. Planes (with foreign hijackers) crashing into buildings and the reported victims part of the story is the basis for the WoT, etc. WTC7 is irrelevant for the WoT, etc, and a distraction. We can spend or waste many years discussing this Hollywood animation of the collapse, instead of looking into the medias complicity in this operation.

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