ep88-Rick Potvin on 9/11

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Audiotime: Saturday, Feb 15, 2014  9:11pm EST

Guest: Rick Potvin

Anyone can post at Rick’s site: http://network54.com/forum/153202

Rick’s website: http://www.pianolessonsetc.com/



Tesla Coil – backwards


Rick Potvin thanked both Simon of cluesforum.info and of truthin7minutes.com for helping him understand the .

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9 thoughts on “ep88-Rick Potvin on 9/11

  1. simonshack

    I really enjoyed Rick reading his 9/11 diary – which he started writing on D- Day. At one stage, Rick wonders aloud about something odd he saw on TV (that very same evening !!!), regarding reported ” explosions in Kabul” – some TV anchors actually speculating that it may (or may not…) have been a “US blitz-retaliation on Afghanistan”. Well, I would like to point out that YES, there really was such a ridiculous story aired on CNN on the evening of September 11 2001… Here it is – enjoy !

    (go to about 8min into this clip): www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY7tcV…

    1. simonshack

      Dear Ab,

      One of the most valuable aspects of your radio show is that it effectively enhances our ability to judge any individual’s (9/11 truthseeker’s) honesty and integrity. It overcomes or, at least, highly alleviates a major problem we all run into when “meeting” persons over the internet: to be sure, we cannot hear anyone’s voices over the internet (unless we use Skype) – so all we can base our own judgment of anyone we communicate with, is the way they express themselves in writing. Hearing a person’s voice truly does wonders to improve one’s assessment of any given individual. This is why I often invite interesting people to talk with me over Skype. In fact, this is also why I have invited over the years about a dozen 9/11 truthseekers (from around the world) to stay in my own house! Fortunately, only three of them turned out to be silly clowns / two-pence spies, lamely attempting to discredit my research – and, of course, my persona…

      Rick Potvin was banned from Cluesforum some time ago – probably because of this nagging problem which affects anyone who runs a ‘sensitive’ website: the only criteria we – the forum administrators – had to assess the guy with (or anyone else, in fact) – was his writings (what with his frequent, slightly irritating recommendations – just as he does here) which weren’t always all-too-eloquent or properly spell-checked. See, a common trait of the many shills infiltrating our forum is their piss-poor spelling skills – so I guess we also factored in this ‘trademark’ in our (in hindsight, misjudged) decision to suspend his forum account. I’ve now re-activated it – hoping Rick will excuse us for this ‘glitch’ in our shill filter.

      1. ab Post author

        I too had reservations about Rick from both his meanderings on your forum and on mine. I actually took a bit of a risk asking him to come on live, since I didn’t really speak to him previously but did detect sincerity in his forum nagging.

        I was pleasantly surprised by his eloquence and real time 9/11 diary.

        You’re right that hearing someone talk adds a needed dimension. I’m sure the final dimension, in person meeting, is the best way to judge anyone.

  2. JoeyZ

    Rick Potvin did a great job. What stuck with me most is how
    on the morning of 9/11 Rick took notice of how low-key the
    reporters reactions were with respect to the circumstances –
    compared to how overly dramatic the dude who reported the
    alleged Hindenburg disaster was. And how on “that” morning,
    there were no news breaks reporting hijacked planes leading
    up to the…. fake event.

  3. PeterShea

    great show, and great guest tim!
    and rick is right, now that we know 9/11 (and many other psy-ops) was faked, we
    need to move on to discovering exactly what is real.
    who exactly are we? is a great place to start;
    all this and more? you betcha!

  4. rickpotvin

    Hi Ab– just checking in to confirm tonight. My phone is 602 371 0094. Thanks for the countdown clock– It helps. From timezone maps, it looks like AZ is 2 hrs behind you in Toronto. Your 9:11 is my 7:11. However you’re on daylight savings and I’m not. geography.about.com/od/findmap…

    Thus, I should only be 1 hr behind you since you backed your clock up and I did not. Thus your 9:11 should be my 8:11. But your countdown clock reads 5 hrs from now as I have 2 pm. Your time must be 4 pm. It thus looks as though I’m still 2 hrs behind you when I should be only one.

    What am I missing? It doesn’t effectively matter since in 5 hrs, I’ll answer my phone. It’s just odd that I can’t figure this out. Can you?

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