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Showtime: Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014  9:11pm EST

We talk to Slavko on his fantastic film called Propaganda, made for the North Korean government.

Slavko at TED:


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21 thoughts on “ep89-Slavko Martinov

  1. simonshack


    your sort of writing convinces me that you are a good and genuine person at heart.

    Just saying… Good writing CAN be convincing! 🙂

    1. columjaddica

      Thanks Simon, I appreciate that, spent a pretty insane amount of time immersed in researching this stuff for the past year and I still can’t get over how crazy it all is. I hope I come across genuine, because I am, but you know the nature of writing about this stuff on the internet. In the end what you say is what matters, and the approach you have to determining truth

      I think your work stands on it’s own and I’ve read Cluesforum since roughly Boston Marathon but never participated there, Cluesforum looks a bit rough-and-tumble for me at times and I’m not sure how much I can add to 9/11 research.

  2. rickpotvin

    Instead of the same old boring propaganda exposee’s, why not create NEW COMEDY ANTI-propaganda? For example here’s my 23 second Monty Python Flying Circus inspired tributed to the Fake Dead Firefighters and Fake Dead Airline Passengers on 9/11. I’m playing the piano and drew the illustration.
    Let’s “weaponize comedy”! Fight terrorism with chuckles and non stop laughter.

  3. wolfman9

    Black propaganda is false information and material that purports to be from a source on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy.[1] Black propaganda contrasts with grey propaganda, the source of which is not identified, and white propaganda, in which the real source is declared and usually more accurate information is given, albeit slanted, distorted and omissive. Black propaganda is covert in nature in that its aims, identity, significance, and sources are hidden.

    The major characteristic of black propaganda is that the people are not aware that someone is trying to influence them, and do not feel that they are being pushed in a certain direction.[2] Black propaganda purports to emanate from a source other than the true source. This type of propaganda is associated with covert psychological operations.[3] Sometimes the source is concealed or credited to a false authority and spreads lies, fabrications, and deceptions. Black propaganda is the “big lie,” including all types of creative deceit.[4] Black propaganda relies on the willingness of the receiver to accept the credibility of the source. If the creators or senders of the black propaganda message do not adequately understand their intended audience, the message may be misunderstood, seem suspicious, or fail altogether.[4]

    Governments will generally conduct black propaganda operations for two different reasons. First, by using black propaganda a government is more likely to succeed in convincing their target audience that the information that they are seeking to influence them with is disguised and that its motivations are not apparent. Second, there are diplomatic reasons behind the use of black propaganda. Black propaganda is necessary to obfuscate a government’s involvement in activities that may be detrimental to its foreign policies.[5]


  4. Jan Erik

    The fact that strong negative emotions tend to heighten suggestibility and so
    facilitate a change of heart had been observed and exploited long before the days of
    Pavlov. As Dr. William Sargant has pointed out in his enlightening book, Battle for the
    Mind, John Wesley’s enormous success as a preacher was based upon an intuitive
    understanding of the central nervous system. He would open his sermon with a long and
    detailed description of the torments to which, unless they underwent conversion, his
    hearers would undoubtedly be condemned for all eternity. Then, when terror and an
    agonizing sense of guilt had brought his audience to the verge, or in some cases over the
    verge, of a complete cerebral breakdown, he would change his tone and promise salvation
    to those who believed and repented. By this kind of preaching, Wesley converted
    thousands of men, women and children. Intense, prolonged fear broke them down and
    produced a state of greatly intensified suggestibility. In this state they were able to accept
    the preacher’s theological pronouncements without question. After which they were
    reintegrated by words of comfort, and emerged from their ordeal with new and generally
    better behavior patterns ineradicably implanted in their minds and nervous systems.

  5. Banazîr Galbasi

    A few points could be contested (nukes, holocaust etc.) but overall some good points are made. Noteably how many deaths from terrorism (not true anyway) vs. the hundreds of thousands of deaths due to health problems.

    At this point however I do not expect an hour + long documentary to ‘wow’ anybody who visits here, Hoaxbusters or Cluesforum sites. Instead they should be viewed as an introduction or gateway to get people to come along into this sort of ‘big picture’ thinking.

    The film hints at a worldwide government alliance with the ‘false flag’ operations as a way to incite war but never wants to say that all the countries are in fact part of a larger corporation themselves (perhaps this in itself would imply North Korea herself).

    Currently I am enamoured with this video “The handbook of human ownership” about the history of our slavery that goes back for hundreds of years:m.youtube.com/watch?feature=yo…
    It has really helped me come to grips with just how the overarching elite (who go unmentioned in “Propaganda”) simply see us as livestock, but useful nevertheless in their grand scheme.

    1. Tom

      I make that a fairly sane assessment Banazir.

      Anything presented at TED is instantly naff to me.
      Having said that, I didn’t find this film naff, really. As you suggest, it offers some good discourse.

      For me, the real terrorists validation, and the holocaust and nuclear omissions are too big to give the film real credibility.

    1. tsisageya

      @18:01 the Bible is not propaganda, although it is used as such.

      I’m treating this as an open thread as I continue to listen. Take it or leave it. I’m okay.

      But before I continue, I must express that there has been only one human, through all time, who has purposely suffered and given up his life for all of us other humans in propitiation for our sins against a holy God.

      I’ll go continue to listen now.

      1. tsisageya

        Oh dear. Suddenly the tone has changed and I can not listen anymore. Whooda thunkit?

        I always thought North K. would be a neat place to see the stars–, black box and all. Oh well, too bad.

  6. columjaddica

    @ about 35:00: “99% of 100 million native americans systematically murdered”

    I don’t think I’ve been exposed to death numbers from North American conquest, or it didn’t stick, but I would never have imagined that the numbers would be as high as 100 million native Americans dead. Doesn’t the USA only have about 300 million people now? I know that’s just the USA, not all of North America.

    Wikipedia also says that US population was only 76 million in 1900. So did about 50 million people murder about 100 million people in about 150 years? Counting death by disease+murder? Or is this just BS and the numbers are too high?

    1. columjaddica

      It was just one little “factoid” from the film but it got me interested in looking at population numbers of native Americans. I’m seeing that 100 million number thrown around lots of places and I’m curious what exactly it means. Maybe that means all of the Americas, and counts death by disease, but I still want to understand, that sounds like a LOT of people in an era of no infrastructure, very few cities, living off nature with only limited agriculture.

    2. tsisageya

      Who can ever know such things? But I’ve read a couple of books (due to personal interest). One is: In the Absence of the Sacred by Jerry Mander. The other is: The Earth Shall Weep, by James Wilson. Apparently, the record of the number of Indians living in the U.S. at that time has been greatly diminished by propaganda efforts. Allegedly, the number of humans living here and genocided is much greater than we have ever been told.

      In times past, I have likened it to what Israel has done to Palestine/Gaza. Is that called Imperialism? I forget.

      I do know that I abhor the name of Andrew Jackson. I remember that abhorrence every time I break out a twenty dollar bill.

      1. columjaddica

        Sometimes I wonder if more recent US and world population figures are accurate. I could see that being a very useful deception, and certainly the perception of overpopulation varies wildly depending on who you ask. I’m not sure that I have observed a significant population growth on my short time on this planet. The distribution is different, with suburbs and exurbs and now seemingly the push back to cities.

        1. ab Post author

          There is NO way to trust anything, ESPECIALLY statistics, from our KNOWN LYING controllers. If anything, the western world population is declining, rapidly. Without “third” world immigration, there would be no one doing the bottom jobs at minimum wage. I work with them (and find them good people too).

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