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Fake lace panty story?

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Can this story possibly be real? I can’t tell sometimes between the ridiculous and fake.

Upcoming regulations restricting the diversity of Russians’ underwear choices have met with resounding disapproval, including from protesters who were detained by police while wearing panties on their heads.The production, import and sale of synthetic lace panties will be banned this summer within the Customs Union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, Gazeta.ru reported.The law, which went into effect in the Customs Union in 2012 but not yet enforced, will ban underwear that does not reach a 6 percent threshold for moisture absorption, which aims to prevent products potentially harmful to consumers. Moisture absorption in many of the most popular synthetic material mixtures for lace panties is reportedly around 3 to 3.6 percent.

via Protesters Against Lace Panties Ban Detained While Wearing Underwear On Their Heads | News | The Moscow Times.

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Newton Burkett for 9/11 Oscar

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Who knew Bob McIlvane has some serious competition for liar for hire best 9/11 actor.

Someone give this guy an Academy Award for reading his lines (so well?).

I suppose he can give himself one since he runs the thing.


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