Hitler in Patagonia

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I have little doubt that was a real life sim Laden. I am confident he was a real person, but I think he was sponsored and guided by the Nutwork as all leaders have been.

Here’s a half truth broadcast worth a listen.


* Show Notes: www.talkzone.com/episodes/199/…

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8 thoughts on “Hitler in Patagonia

  1. Blue Moon

    I wouldn’t give too much Goldbuggery time to inbred Brits given they’ve all descended from the same royal hemophiliacs-
    This podcast was an excellent summation of what the war was about from a financial standpoint- A land grab, relocation/thinning of the population of, as Allan Dulles put it, “useless eaters”, and looting to consolidate the wealth of the world under Anglo-American control- The biggest heist you could ever imagine- (Even the Japanese looting of Manchurian gold ended up in the Vatican banks)- From an Irish perspective the IRA had sympathy for the Germans in their struggle against Britain to the point that they were willing to arm against the Allies- Understandable given Britain’s genocidal policies towards Ireland over the centuries- One thing about Argentina that never gets mentioned was that there were vast numbers of Irish settled there- Not sure what their attitude towards Peron (the caretaker of much of the flight capital the Nazis lifted out of Europe) was, but they probably had no love-loss for Britain- There is a theory that the function of the Bilderberger group was to harbor the reinvestment of all that stolen wealth in new investments controlled not by countries but by international banks controlled by the thieves themselves- Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, a Nazi if there ever was one, founded the Bilderberg group is 1954 and the timing makes sense for the reintegration of the stolen loot-
    As for Hitler himself, the guest still buys into The Fuhrer as some kind of participant in policy and action when I am thoroughly convinced the guy was a sock puppet from the get go- An actor with a frenzied rap that played well in newsreels to scare the bejeebus out of British and American moviegoers and get them behind the slaughter- It may be that the crazy podium-speak Hitler was a Hollywood creation, a studio shot stage production with stock inserts of clapping German dignitaries in attendance for something completely different when they were originally filmed- Given that Wall Street bought and sold Hitler, it wouldn’t contradict the guest’s overall thesis if Hitler was completely fabricated media produce- The general public had no access to the guy except from a distance at large rallies, and the soldiers nearby at any given moment would not dare engage him- If there really was a Hitler with some acumen, someone for dignitaries to have face time with, I still doubt the Hitler in the newsreels would be the same person- Why risk it? If you need to put on a show, don’t give the lines to an amateur- The current actor in chief clearly has no real function other than to act the part- Policy is made by others-
    However, in conclusion, I don’t buy the Hitler in Patagonia angle- I think he was a psyop and the “Hitler escapes” scenarios only reinforce that Hitler was a real leader, down to the “files and news clippings” of Hitler down Argentine way- This is the ongoing follow up psyop that all long cons must have to hold their position in official history- In this way, the exsanguination of western wealth that these parasites engineered will never provoke retribution- All civilizations that thrive attract this kind of parasitic infection and with a relentless process of deliberate demoralization of the public through their controlled media, the public then assists in the controlled demolition by simply giving up on the collective mores and standards- The devaluation and theft of American real estate was one such action- The wealth and open ended potential of the techies will be the next target- After that, the state of technology will start to decline- That’s when the survival of the internet will turn to uncertainty- Then the concept will be normalized and finally the internet’s extinction will be taken as inevitable and unavoidable-
    Gosh, what a happy post- Sorry about that…

    1. ab Post author

      Blue Moon,
      I always like your posts. You always take the thinking to the next level, past where I usually see. Sometimes I think some theories are just too complex to be reasonable, but other times I think they DO go out of their way to make the deception more trouble than its worth to succeed in fooling everyone (like 9/11). You’ll have to come back for another broadcast.

      1. Blue Moon

        Would love to- Practically speaking it would have to be the second half of March if that’s okay, but I’ll clear the field for it- Hitler the popular pre-war success is still around as a template, though in milder form in today’s personality cult creations- A rich vein of vocal magick to mine-

  2. Jan Erik

    After the stock crash of 1929 the countries under the BIS went to WAR. Including England Japan Germany USA ETC. Germany could not have built up the war machine without the help of the BIS. And Sweden supplied the IRON ORE so that THYSSEN KRUPP could build the weapons the war machine needed. Its obvious that mr Hitler was a TOOL of the NOBLE LIE ETC. He did not end the Prussian slave inndoctriantion system or any other part of the model that made the German masses OBEDIENT and a part of a CULT of personality !

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