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Fakeologist on Fetzer

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I knew this youtube video would come in handy for someone someday.

Start around 33:45 of this Fetzer broadcast:


* Show Notes: radiofetzer.blogspot.com/2014/…

My evaluation of the show was that it started off strong with my youtube (with Fox cutting off my site name at the start), illustrating Simon’s lucid proposal on what happened on 9/11/2001 at the WTC. Fetzer’s reaction was quite deflated once hearing the excellent summation in clear audio. (Note to Fetzer: audios sound horrible when bellowing into a speaker microphone).

The subsequent refutation and attempted debunking of the video really didn’t sound convincing. I am not even sure Fox was convinced of his own refutation. Both protesters sounded low key. The conversation then devolved into talking about a geological pit whose strata evidently impressed them and warrants their further study. I haven’t studied much of the photographic evidence since I’m convinced it is ALL manufactured or manipulated to some degree. It’s evidence from known liars – how much time should we waste on it?

Another pet weapon that Fetzer always seems to mention is mini and micro nukes. Since I have convinced myself (only due to the 9/11 deception) that nukes are another fear fantasy weapon, I wonder how Fetzer and Fox could even define or imagine mini and micro versions? What’s next? Shoe nukes?

I can’t even sort out/remember something I KNOW is real, that is, mini and micro USB cables! Can’t you manufacturers standardize chargers by now?

mini usb chargers are the bigger ones

Micro USB is the smaller one – about half of a mini.

Here’s the follow up youtube that they could have played. Maybe next show!



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