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Is the earth spinning or not?

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With 4000 comments in just under a year, you’d think if this guy was so wrong and delusional that people wouldn’t care. Clearly commenters/trolls/shills/intelligence do care. Why?

I’m not sure, but let’s remember that geocentrism is not the same as flat earth research. The only thing they have in common is questioning what we are told about earth. So turn off Sochi and start thinking!

h/t Johan Backes in chat.fakeologist.com

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Hoi’s “Falling Man” Analysis

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Bet you never came up with this line of thinking when you looked at the “Falling Man” video. Another brilliant essay by Hoi.

For those who cannot see the video, among the points raised are:

  • A “jumper” who appears to have some kind of “cape” falling/soaring from the building
  • A different “jumper” who appears to fall diagonally across the viewed face of the simulated “WTC”
  • A different “jumper” who appears in the middle of the blue sky with no apparent connection to the simulated “WTC”
  • A pair of different “jumpers” who fall at very different rates
  • Simon’s point about the King Kong man among other sims who appears a magnitude larger than the simulated “WTC” window Continue reading
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Everyone was fooled on 9/11. Now what?

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Hoi is one of the clearest thinkers on cluesforum.info. Here’s an older essay I missed.

Now that we know the videos and photos are plagued with signs of doctoring, if they haven’t been outright manufactured whole cloth, there are a number of debates across the Internet that no longer feel relevant.

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