Everyone was fooled on 9/11. Now what?

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Hoi is one of the clearest thinkers on cluesforum.info. Here’s an older essay I missed.

Now that we know the videos and photos are plagued with signs of doctoring, if they haven’t been outright manufactured whole cloth, there are a number of debates across the Internet that no longer feel relevant.

I think I have been hesitant to make any accusations like this before because I have not felt the need — and perhaps I’ve had a personal revulsion — to address what seemed like psychologically designed distractions. Anyway, I think the time has come to admit there are too many arguments leading nowhere and based on fabricated evidence. We should call some of them out. Hopefully to reengage those who we’ve ostracized on CluesForum because of their focus on a particular issue. Those with their heart in the right place but who continually miss the point that their evidence is false evidence pre-stacked against them.

Since the videos of the towers being attacked and collapsing, all evidence of the airplanes and seemingly all evidence of the victims are falsehoods, the contradictions and debates therein were likely set up (or at least used) to cause endless debate and speculation about the nature of the attack, and to foil investigations by planting distractions within the videos and media.


Hollow towers theory
Nuclear attack theory
Space beams theory
Strange airplanes or missiles
“Dancing Jews” celebrating the attacks
Imagery of melted cars
Activities of rescue workers
Shining UFO-like objects in various videos
Conspiratorial language
Most things mentioned in the mainstream media as a 9/11 “cover up”
The appearance of U.S. military weakness on that day

The truth is we cannot know because it was a darn near perfect military cover up using the appearance of military weakness to have people constantly point out where the military failed in the operation, and therefore conclude the entire operation must have been a failure.

In fact, whatever their end goal (we can at least presume it was to increase security and defense industry spending) 9/11 was not a failure as a deception. It fooled almost everyone. Including those who insist they are never fooled.

This is difficult for people to admit, because we know how many mistakes people make regularly, and we want to assume we can catch a military deception as it happens. And we want to know why a deception is taking place.

Since we could not “catch” it — since no mental framework aside from complete dismissiveness could have — and we cannot yet know why it’s still taking place to this day, our cognitive panic sets in and creates a barrier: we refuse the potential understanding that millions upon millions of people have been fooled. Excuses are developed to explain why (or dismiss the fact that) hundreds, if not thousands, of millions were fooled and why they are continually fooled, and this leads to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter if they are.

Perhaps it doesn’t. Perhaps that is the safest, most rational response: aversion. Just saying,
So what?

and moving on.

If that’s the case, then the human race successfully overcame 9/11 with no aid. The operation itself, for all its complexity and what must have been a ridiculous budget and waste of money, was pointless.

However, if it does not matter that so many people can be completely misled, but there is also resistance to the fact that it happened; that the military-TV partnership has a very strong psychological control over the people, then we must also admit to some extent a kind of pseudo-death of democracy or enlightenment or science, or possibly admit that 9/11 was some activity to tell us that these never existed in the first place, or there are those who wish it to be so. Or at least, we must admit that everyone can be fooled. And those who are not fooled can be branded as insane. (Something any victim of any form of zealotry, be it religious or otherwise, would probably be the first to agree with!)

In that case, and not to be hierarchical about it, but debates on “9/11 Conspiracy” and “9/11 Truth” web sites outside of this discussion don’t seem to matter as much. These “small picture” debates include:


The method and true appearance of the towers’ destructions/collapses
The design and variance of any airplanes images (or any airplanes seen or used)
Varying smoke color from towers as evidence of chemicals used
Varying architectural designs for the Twin Towers themselves
What the race/religion/gender/etc. of any high-profile player (victim, terrorist, hero) is
The number of fake people who represent real deaths taking place behind the scenes

All of these things show enough variance in the fabricated movies and Internet information to indicate the true nature of what happened is part of a single phenomenon which will never be known to but a few in high military/State government/otherwise influential positions. While distinguishing facts from fictions in these debates may be important from an ontological perspective, they still fail to address the larger picture that these debates continue to distract and fool people. And it leads no where nearer to the important admission that everyone was fooled in some way, and no expert appeared to save us from our ignorance. On the contrary, experts appeared out of the woodwork to all show us in which ways each of the various points of the day is believable or not.

September Clues and a few other sites are the only sites that insist you investigate everything — every aspect of life itself — for yourself.

We must admit we can be and have been fooled by this aspect of culture, whatever it is, if we are to properly take a “big picture” lesson away from this. And for those that insist they haven’t been fooled, it may be in our best interest to correct them (and remain humble in doing so, such as pointing out our own ability to be fooled, times we have been fooled and remind folks it’s okay to make mistakes). I think this may be the path to healing the human race from and reconciling this 9/11 ugliness.

Because the true debate here, the one that 9/11 raises for any one at all is, does it matter that 9/11 fooled us?

If not, let’s just forget about it and move on, shall we? But if it does matter, let’s ignore the false debates that don’t matter and ask what can we really do about our submission to experts that lie, our gullibility, our ignorance, our violent resistance to admitting our ignorance and trust in charlatans, and our media and government corruption, if anything? And is there anything to be done?


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rickpotvin (@rickpotvin)
7 years ago

Hoi is right– most 9/11 garbage is now irrelevent but let me attempt to point you to something I think MIGHT have ONGOING relevency– the PSYCHOLOGY that created and permitted the 9/11 delusion as well as the other fake events you cover here– my NOTES are in a thread called “Alternate Reality Game”

tsisageya (@tsisageya)
7 years ago

There is no question. There is also nothing for citizens to hang their hat on. We know.

That’s about the size of it. That’s good. We’re like Hugh and the Borg. Our knowledge will infect the hive mind.