4 thoughts on “Friday pig fakery

  1. PeterShea

    and when you write ‘…..could be from any farmer anywhere.’
    do you think you might be able to narrow that down for us, even a teeny weeny bit?
    you’re supposed to be an amateur professional, for god’s sake!!!

  2. PeterShea

    here are some of my thoughts on pigs (longsince banned-for too much talk of fakery – and that’s me banned, not pigs);

    I think there’s something to it. pigs are our closest relatives by a long way – something
    to think about the next time we tuck into our rasher sandwich, eh rollo?
    do you like the fine young cannibals?

    you think the footage is fake tim? is it something specific in the footage that makes you lead
    with that headline, or do you have a hard time believing the camera function would survive the fall?
    I just viewed it again and I think it’s genuine.

    did you read this comment left?

    ‘I once got a blowjob from a pig. He didn’t eat my dong.’

    must have been a jewish pig, eh?

    1. ab Post author

      The footage of the falling and spinning camera is condensed/looped/faked for certain. The pig rooting could be from any farmer anywhere.


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