Hoi’s “Falling Man” Analysis

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Bet you never came up with this line of thinking when you looked at the 0;Falling Man” video. Another brilliant essay by Hoi.

For those who cannot see the video, among the points raised are:

  • A “jumper” who appears to have some kind of “cape” falling/soaring from the building
  • A different “jumper” who appears to fall diagonally across the viewed face of the simulated “WTC”
  • A different “jumper” who appears in the middle of the blue sky with no apparent connection to the simulated “WTC”
  • A pair of different “jumpers” who fall at very different rates
  • Simon’s point about the King Kong man among other who appears a magnitude larger than the simulated “WTC” window

All good points about the absurdity of the imagery, and further indication that much of the “events” of the day were crudely prefabricated in a simulation “program” that focused on various unrelated phenomena such as casting simulated shadows, making simulated smoke, having simulated wind effects, simulating body dynamics and human animal behavior, simulated day lighting and so on, but not a cohesive 3-D physics engine that would accurately reflect a perfect simulation of reality.

Instead, we are left to conclude that the images seen on the subject of these “terrorist attacks” have been crudely and coldly manufactured for the purposes of telling the false narrative as broadly as possible rather than with as much perfect detail as possible.

If the jumpers had been simulated more accurately, it would still not be as effective at convincing the populace as a broad range of media crudely reinforcing the same story. The imagery was meant to convince a wide spectrum of “visual” people, but not all of them. The radio broadcasts and newspaper articles about the “jumpers” were meant to convince a wide spectrum of “audio” and “literary” people, but not all of them. They knew their technology was not up to speed but they took a bold calculated risk based on the military strategy of doing such.

It is safe to assume that the military intelligencia’s grip on our corporate media would be adequate motivation to completely fake events such as “terrorist attacks”, and then use monitoring of the Internet responses (including ours) to safeguard and improve upon their simulations enough to fill in the gaps. Ergo, it is safe to assume that if this were true, they would be betting on the sweep of human compassion and emotions that have been their foil for a long time, and for these to overrun and overwhelm any sort of logic or science that we are attempting to apply and reason with. And what is more compelling to the heart than the human stories of self-sacrifice or even cowardly suicide?

Most people do not take a sophisticated approach to absorbing the media they trust. They simply choose to trust it, for emotional reasons of comfort and other human needs that are exploited by the propagandists, and see the inherent “truthness” and “goodness” in the narrative presented by their trusted media. Be it radio, newspaper, magazine, highly paid comedian, pundit, politician, TV, actor or movie; all of these crafts have been in the public eye long enough to have been fully appreciated, understood and now exploited by the military intelligencia. Some could say that particularly crafty minds may have always been watching the media with that purpose rather than seeing it the way any of us “normal” people watch it for entertainment and to feel good. Those minds would be watching arts, crafts and technologies for their power to inspire in humans the persuasion, influence and control we exert on ourselves, and create media with the purpose of chaining us to our own habits, rather than watching it as a way to spread truth. Perhaps they even see it both ways, but do not ignore the former more immoral way of looking at it, as most of us choose to do with our trusted media.

It isn’t that these habits of ours are particularly bad or unhealthy (though we might have some others, which are) but that we are living in a time where we are seemingly meant to make choices about who and what we will be trusting to “lead” societies into the future. Nations are no longer strictly organized by country State governments. They are organized as cross-national, loose affiliations of likeminded individuals attracted to technologically controlled and monitored media informed by local politics and catered to demographics. It doesn’t matter to most people what nationalities, genders or ages are operating CBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Sky, ABC, Reuters. As long as it pretends to represent the old country-based definition of national interests, so it will be trusted as such. So all the world is and will continue to be ruled by the most passionate cultures operating those powers — the power of television, the power of photography, the power of newspaper, the power of advertising, the power of radio, and so on — knitting the blood ties and family bonds which still hold all of humanity in tribal formations, and which not one single person is completely free from.

It doesn’t matter, in the theory of these power-obsessed, that the jumpers aren’t real, because they are dramatic stories of a timeless human exercise of motivated suicide told in context to each particular media consumer demographic. The truth of the motivated suicide is the part of the story which people are absorbing, because we know that it happens. It didn’t really happen on the scale advertised on , possibly and probably nobody killed themselves by hurling themselves from the broke, empty WTC financial-failures that were the towers, but because the news media all over focused on the human interest stories of existentialism, sensationalism and tragedy that accompanies the truth of motivated suicide when it should happen in real life, the news media is viewed as having human interests at heart, rather than military interests.

A military interest, the average media consumer reasons, would not take time to focus on the suicides and would remorselessly censor them. Most people have failed to catch that the military’s new way of imposing order is by appealing to the very subjects we hold most dear, and organizing society around its most compassionate and humanistic ideals. Even a cartoonish exaggeration of such for extra amusement on the cynical job of manufacturing human interest stories.

If 9/11 had actually happened and just one person had really killed themselves because of the hopelessness and bleakness of their situation in the towers, there would be a righteous call for peace and forgiveness and an equally compelling case for revenge and self-defense from the enemy. Just as the hoaxsters simulated after the fake 9/11 story.

So it is not without complete misunderstanding of their target interest groups that the hoaxers crafted a narrative; only, it doesn’t have the ring of real truth to it, merely the artistic truth of melodrama and fiction. What are missing from the cynical exercises are heart, spirit and true compassion for their audience, which they falsely believe they can simulate by mimicking the facts of life that motivate humanity to improve upon itself, to recognize its connections to that which it is connected to on a less obvious material level, to seek the truth, hopes, dreams and even ideals that have made the human experience worth living for in the first place. These things are absent and infinitely unattachable to their propaganda because they are lying and because they are not using art for the humanistic reasons that we were granted artistic skills.

To me it seems the “falling man” is ultimately an unintentional metaphor about their own selves, for those psychotically detached from their fellow beings and who can only relate to them as they relate to animals they exploit and use. They cannot care about living in the world they cannot sympathize with. And their self-aggrandizing, “heroic” and Pyrrhic plummet to sheer materialism from the rather shaky summit of material wealth is little more than an exercise for them in self-recognition and errant child-like magical thinking. That in their pretended transformation from greedy psychotics to humanistic Robin Hoods of true spiritual values, they can somehow manufacture or simulate that which they most secretly resent in others: the ability to love all life, and the recognition we have of their inadequacy in relating to life’s true purpose.

via “FALLING MAN” – the phony jumpers • Cluesforum.info.

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  1. xileffilex

    Ab- I just posted some trivia about a stunt man’s suggested death at an airshow – the video below came up as a YouTube suggestion. Could this be a hoaxed falling man fake death? The death and fall don’t look convincing to me. Why does the camera cut away to another at 1:41?

    A big media event from 1978 in Lexington.

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