Is the earth spinning or not?

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With 4000 comments in just under a year, you’d think if this guy was so wrong and delusional that people wouldn’t care. Clearly commenters/trolls/shills/intelligence do care. Why?

I’m not sure, but let’s remember that is not the same as research. The only thing they have in common is questioning what we are told about earth. So turn off Sochi and start thinking!

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1 thought on “Is the earth spinning or not?

  1. Banazîr Galbasi

    Great video. I always wondered about jet travel in reation to the earth. If memory serves me correctly though my trip from Vancouver to Jamaica took about an hour longer to get back which is contrary to how the Earth (allegedly) turns. My vacation flight from Calgary to England was about the same both ways. I believe the jetstream is used as a reason for flights being affected as well. In the end, who the hell knows?

    I like this video about the spiral justification of the sun and stars:…

    But I tend to think the Earth itself has no motion. If the Sun was cruising through the galaxy wouldnt the stars look different every night? Nevermind that those same stars too should all be on the move.

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