Frozen Venice

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I can verify that the ice in Toronto this year is amazing. I know many injured coworkers who have fallen and hurt themselves.

Can’t verify the 88% of the Great Lakes being frozen, but know my end of Lake Ontario is not.

Apparently Venice is quite cold too.


An Ontario icicle picture I took.


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5 thoughts on “Frozen Venice

  1. rickpotvin

    PeterShae– I think you’re right— Ab posted photoshopped frozen Venice to test us. AB!– I’m surprised you would do this. I’m not an expert at photoforensics… but it’s a big area and there are amateur forensics sites for digital analyis I can sort of get a little bit of feel for… like…

    We see that the image was saved at only 85% quality indicating resaving several time (after manipulation). AND… the blackwhite image… indicates different digital pixel density as severe… a very bad sign. Metadata has been truncated indicating somone is hiding the rest of it. TinEye found the original images here……

    As you can see at TinEye, the water is normal and the boats are too. But we don’t need tineye to see that the image is fake

    As for Venice, yes… Venice is quite a problem in history. You wouldn’t believe my story even if your were drinking wine this afternoon as I am. No alcoholic beverage will prepare you for the story of Venice a I tell it. In the meantime, join me in my form to talk about Ab , Simon and 9/11 in a bit a faster paced page–…

  2. PeterShea

    I thought venice was on the Adriatic sea, and looking at a map, I see I am right.
    it must be very unusual occurence for a coastal area like this to freeze over.
    is this another photoshopped effort symbolising that the heart of some darkness
    has frozen over? I like to think so.
    venice and the patrician families were/are at the dark heart of worldly matters, isn’t that right jan?

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