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The lie-man, nukes, and 9/11

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The miracle discovery of uranium fission, the secret society predating made-famous-by-9/11 NIST,  the Manhattan project, the atomic bomb, all tied together by the (mythological) Lyman (lie-man] J. Briggs by Simon of cluesforum.info.

Makes sense that the two scariest psyops of the past century, the atom bomb and 9/11, would have the same roots.


The 9/11 hoax was exposed as the biggest fraud of our time by Simon’s careful deconstruction of the video “evidence”. The relief his expose brought to my state of fear was life changing; so much so that I decided to broadcast the good news via audio.

The next logical hoax that needed to be researched was nuclear. While more research needs to be done as Simon is doing, I convinced myself early on of the possibility that based on the success of the 9/11 psyop, this couldn’t have been their first psyop. The next biggest scary, all powerful global fear producing concept that never seems to end [long before terrorism) is nuclear.

Here’s to blowing this myth out of our minds.

Without the myths of 9/11, nukes, and terrorism, there’s nothing left besides death, taxes, and in-laws.

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