The lie-man, nukes, and 9/11

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The miracle discovery of uranium fission, the secret society predating made-famous-by- NIST,  the Manhattan project, the atomic bomb, all tied together by the (mythological) Lyman (lie-man] J. Briggs by Simon of

Makes sense that the two scariest of the past century, the atom bomb and 9/11, would have the same roots.….

The was exposed as the biggest fraud of our time by Simon’s careful deconstruction of the video 0;evidence”. The relief his expose brought to my state of fear was life changing; so much so that I decided to broadcast the good news via audio.

The next logical hoax that needed to be researched was nuclear. While more research needs to be done as Simon is doing, I convinced myself early on of the possibility that based on the success of the 9/11 , this couldn’t have been their first psyop. The next biggest scary, all powerful global fear producing concept that never seems to end [long before terrorism) is nuclear.

Here’s to blowing this myth out of our minds.

Without the myths of 9/11, nukes, and terrorism, there’s nothing left besides death, taxes, and in-laws.

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3 thoughts on “The lie-man, nukes, and 9/11

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  2. rickpotvin

    I would question whether in-laws are real or fake. How would my wife’s mother be MY “mother in LAW”? She would be no kind of mother to me– including legally. Same with a “Father-In Law”– these people happen to be my wife’s parents but legally, in law, they’re certainly NOT a father or mother– I never known them let alone accord them titleship of mother and father. This bizarre nomeclature should be exposed as a hoax. “My wife’s parents” would be more accurate. My children by my wife would be right to call her parents “grand” parents– same on my side. However, my legal and nominal connection to them would be and should be zilch, nothing, null, zero, flat, non-existent. You’ve HIT ON SOMETHING HERE.

    I put together another thread of “rough notes” if you or Simon would like to consider– regarding the connection between the Martians tin-can tripod invaders on HG Wells’ War of the Worlds– and its appearance in one of the original 9/11 tv broadcasts. You posit the same people designed Manhatten project nuke illusion and 9/11– and would posit those same people include the likes of Orson Welles, H.G.Wells, Westinghouse Corporation, and CBS radio/tv network…. because they all apparently cooperated in the creation and delivery of the 1938 radio hoax– and the 9/11 photo fakery designers tipped their hat to them– with the metal man from mars in the foreground of the exploding trade towers. Here’s a link to that thread where you can respond with no login needed- despite the login form.…

    So I

  3. smj

    the guy to lyman’s right in the wiki image has a granddaughter named jennet. she wrote the nytimes bestselling bio about alfred loomis. think bruce wayne or tony stark—
    Tuxedo Park: A Wall Street Tycoon and the Secret Palace of Science that Changed the Course of World War II.

    small world.

    its starting to look like nuclear science is more political science than physical.

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