Murder strategy of tension

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Another murder noise type story from east of Toronto from 2/. Very few details, no officials quoted, no coroner’s report, last name is also interesting.

How nice that they don’t “believe” it was a random murder.

Durham police have identified the 22-year-old killed Wednesday in the region’s first homicide of the year.…

2 thoughts on “Murder strategy of tension

  1. tsisageya

    No offense but all these niggling psyops are taking away from the one big one. IRAQ. Before that even, Afghanistan. Let’s go back there. Let’s go on back to the beginning. And of course let’s go back to New York City.

    And do not get me started on Libya, Syria, and Venezuela. Do they really think we don’t see?

  2. Tom

    Yeh, how ridiculous is that? It isn’t believed to be a random event?
    Like those people who went missing recently. Police ‘did not suspect foul play ‘ how did they know?
    This Niazi had just dropped dead. Then the post mortem revealed he was murdered. Ok…Gunshots had brought police to the locality. It is not believed to be ‘random’. Surely if a gunshot had killed him they would have known without a post mortem. Weird story.

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