Wrong grandparents?

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Durham region, east of Toronto, is a hotbed of . From fakery reporter expert Chris Doucette, comes this silly tale.

A trio of gun-toting bandits is sought for tying up an elderly Ajax couple and holding them hostage during a frightening 90-minute home invasion on Tuesday.

Durham Regional Police say the senior citizens’ ordeal began around 2:45 p.m.


A thinking person might ask:
-90 minutes to ransack a house?
-daytime home invasion (maximum fear value)
-what electronics of value could elderly people have?
-tied up with electrical cord?
-untied themselves?
-mistaken identity? Wrong grandparents?
-no names no details (fear grafitti)

Ajax is a sleepy bedroom suburban community. Besides traffic crashes, petty robberies and drug arrests, can there really be much happening? Is this story another to justify an ever increasing, never questioned police budget? How many police do we really need in an aging, more sedentary, FROZEN society?

Sad to see they included the generic black trio as the perps, especially in a predominantly white area. writers pander to stereotypes as badly as any other group.

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1 thought on “Wrong grandparents?

  1. Blue Moon

    “The first crook is described as a black man with a light complexion, approximately six feet tall with a medium to large, muscular build and a goatee. The second man is described as black, about 5-foot-11, with a slim build. And the third man is described as black with curly hair.”
    Priceless! The first is about 6 feet- The second is about 6 feet- The third, like the other two almost certainly, has curly hair- Given they’re Canadian, it’s likely they are all somewhat light skinned- The goatee will nab them- No one wears goatees these days- Oh, wait- Everyone wears a goatee- Well, there goes their best lead- Lordy be, stuff like this is the best evidence that algorithms are producing these things, not humans- I doubt human eyes even review the stuff before it goes public- Only if there is an unexpected reaction will the story be reviewed and addended or withdrawn-
    And one other thing- There is no reason to publish this as is as an aid to apprehension- It serves no purpose in getting the public involved- I don’t know what the black population up there is numbers-wise but this non-descript description of the perps who allegedly robbed an anonymous couple couldn’t possibly illicit tips of any use to the police- The only thing this pile produces is, in fact, fear and buttresses old stereotypes- Those are the only reactions possible given the available data-


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