Nuclear fraud continues

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If you believe, like I do, that nuclear [unclear] power is a clear hoax, and you live in Ontario, like I do, then you should be plenty upset and disturbed by this article.

Ontario taxpayers and their descendants will be saddled with a crippling debt that can only be imagined by other nuclear global fraudsters. 

This may be the worst part of my discovery of the hoax.

Bruce Power is working to secure the commitment from its two leading shareholders – TransCanada Corp. and the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) – for a 15-year, $15-billion project to refurbish six Candu reactors at its Lake Huron site.

The effort comes after Saskatoon-based uranium giant Cameco Corp. reached an agreement in January to sell its 31.6-per-cent stake in the nuclear power operator to OMERS’s Borealis infrastructure unit. That would leave the provincial pension fund with a 56.1-per-cent stake in Bruce Power, although TransCanada – currently at 40 per cent – and other small shareholders are still reviewing their right of first refusal to take up the Cameco shares.…

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6 thoughts on “Nuclear fraud continues

  1. psyopticon

    To Rick Potvin.. There is nobody working in the nuclear industry! The plants are just empty buildings – like vast abandoned temples!

    Just before the 9/11 Hoax of 2001, and the security lockdown that followed, we were given a guided tour of Sizewell B. It is allegedly the newest nuclear power station in Britain. It stands proudly on the East Anglian coastline, like a modern day replica of the Taj Mahal!

    There was a Visitors’ Information Centre at Sizewell where you could play with various toys related to electricity. There was a Van de Graaf generator, a Geiger-Muller tube and a few radioactive items to test for emissions: luminous alarm clock dials, natural minerals like pitchblende, etc. And the kids got to do fun things, making simple electrical circuits, and ‘bending’ water with perspex rods, etc. Fun for all the family!

    Then the guide directed us into a minibus and took us for a tour around the apparent generating plan itself. Blonde, seductive husky voice, long legs, short skirt, etc. All too distracting to her mostly male audience. By design presumably! We were driven around for maybe 30 minutes, stopping at various points to listen to her spoken narrative. But we didn’t actually get to see a single component of the alleged power plant! All we saw was countless, blank walls of windowless buildings, The guide pointed to each of them and described the alleged contents within. We weren’t even allowed out of the minibus. And most of the plant buildings had those yellow WARNING RADIATION signs – ACCESS FORBIDDEN stuck all over them. So very few people, not even employees working in “security” and “building maintenance” would ever be allowed to venture inside!


    There’s another slant to the Nuke Hoax that has just been re-opened in the UK. The alleged state assassination of “Miss Hilda Murrell” aged 76½.

    Apparently, the late “Miss Murrell” was an accomplished rose-grower(!) – how quintessentially English! The plucky old bird was going to give damning evidence to an inquiry into the safety of the Sizewell nuke plant in Britain. But on the eve of the inquiry she was brutally hacked to death, in very mysterious circumstances!

    This week is the 30th anniversary of Miss Murrell’s gory demise. The anniversary conveniently allows the whole PSYOP to be raked to the fore again, in official commemoration.

    And the usual suspects are promoting the PSYOP all over again. On the podium is the renowned/notorious barrister Michael Mansfield QC. Mansfield has promoted countless PSYOPs over the years (viz Jan Dildo, Stephen Lawrence, Mark/Marlon Duggan, etc) The eminent Mr Mansfield is joined by one of the weirdos linked to Liberal MP Norman Baker, a perennial conspiracy theorist and author of a book claiming that Iraqi intelligence whacked “Dr David Kelly – the chemical weapons expert.” There’s also some spooky creature from Royal Navy Intelligence, and a peculiar young lady styling herself as Miss Murrell’s “adopted niece”. An entertaining line-up of clowns!

    I’m assuredly confident that “Hilda” is a complete fabrication, and “her” murder was therefore faked, too.

    However, what Hilda’s Wet Job does do is to drive home the shaky narrative that nuke plants are very real, but potentially dangerous. And dear old ladies, like Hilda, who expose as much, get their scrawny throats slit by Her Majesty’s Secret Service, under cover of darkness, in the rose garden, with the secateurs!

    RIP Hilda Murrell, you ghastly old fraud!

    1. ab Post author

      My tour of the Toronto nuclear plant was virtually the same, sans the sexy guide. We spent an hour in the sim-control room in the info center, where they have Apollo / Houston like control room panels with flashing lights and 70s era computers. 9/11 brought in a double razor wire perimeter fence and an army vehicle with a red light cherry show all around.

      1. psyopticon

        The sim control room sounds good! Like a set from the 1960s puppet show, Thunderbirds?!

        Forgot to add that we were also forbidden from taking any photos. They were really strict over that, checking our bags for cameras, etc! Yet we saw absolutely nothing of note, so I do wonder why. Maybe it was just to sex-up the overall visitor experience – intentionally leaving us jittery, thinking we were entering a highly controlled and potentially dangerous zone!

        Our visit was before 9/11 and we just turned up on the day. Now it seems that all visits to the Nuke Plants must be pre-booked showing photographic I.D., and security clearance obtained beforehand! And foreign nationals need special permission from the Office of Nuclear Regulation (who?!) What a joke!…

        Throughout our visit I didn’t see one person at the nuke plant who wasn’t working in tourism!

        1. ab Post author

          Yes our tourists were told on our bus by a burly security dude dressed militarily to squash his camera. He also said in plant tours ceased on 9/12/01. The plant is slated to close in 2020 (even though now 1-2? reactors are being refurbished) and already the land is being plotted for housing (waterfront living). The scam is truly one of the biggest (worldwide) ever.

          1. rickpotvin

            Fake nuclear power actually gets me pretty incensed. I had high hopes for nuclear power for many years and thought I understood the principles. I too went OUT OF MY WAY to take plant tours and was very disappointed with being shown nothing but a toyroom. Security at Kincardine Ontario’s BRUCE plant. Wickedpedia describes it as follows…

            The 8 reactors are arranged into two plants (A and B) of 4 reactors. Each reactor is within a reinforced concrete containment, with eight steam generators. The steam generators are 12m tall, and weigh 100 tonnes each. Reactors share fuelling machines which travel in a duct traversing the entire plant. The duct is cut through solid rock beneath the reactors, and doubles as part of the pressure relief system, connected to the vacuum building.[7] Each reactor has its own turbine generator set, with one high pressure turbine and 3 low pressure turbines driving one generator.[8][9] The turbine hall (about 400 m long) at each plant houses the four turbine generator sets. Cooling water is taken from Lake Huron.[2] There is (originally) one control room per 4 reactors.

            I took REAL tours of REAL “hydro electric power plants” all over Ontario since my Dad worked in them and stood right there in the control rooms, in the generator housings with water noise and current noise, met the REAL personnel. I KNOW what a real power plant is “like”– sounds, smells, personalities, actitivies. Yet the nuclear plant tour is nothing like that– psyopticon is right– they must be ghost towns. The plants/grounds are huge but I never see parking lots full of cars, employees and starting and quitting times for shifts like at steel mills I worked at in Hamilton.

            Damn the fakery. Phony baloney power– imagine that. Was it Jefferson who wrote that he wanted the truth, no matter what? That’s the only thing that gets me through this.

            My 9/11 forum has been destroyed it seems– so here’s my next forum- Phony Baloney.

  2. rickpotvin

    Ab, like you I’m astonsihed and astounded to an exponential power of at least 10– that the people IN the nuclear industry– both power and bombs– are willing and able to lie– EVEN after they retire. I lived in Port Elgin, a bedroom town for retired Bruce Nuclear employees– and knew them on a personal basis. NOW I know why they all seemed standoffish and limited in their interactions…. very unlike Ontario’s Hungarian tobacco growing community in Tillsonburg where I also spent time. The Hungarians were always getting together after hard work days inviting outsiders in to join them where the insular and tightknite Hydro nuclear society was impenetrable and highbrow– arrogant too. VERY arrogant.

    Here’s a late breaking news item about those nuclear tipped ICBM’s I ran across — which made me LAUGH knowing what you and I know now-

    In addition to the U.S. missile defense system, is the Prompt Global Strike doctrine, which is a doctrine which is basically using traditional ICBM missiles, but with non-nuclear weapons, also supposedly to be able to take out the second-strike capability

    Ha ha haha. “TRADITIONAL ICBM missiles”– “but with non nuclear weapons”. Whaaaaaaaat? It’s FUN to laugh in the face of ICBM’s.

    Jay Leno possible line “Did you hear about the new ICBM’s? The military is so financial strapped that they can’t afford the nuclear tips anymore…. Of course– you can’t afford what never existed!”. Press play on laugh track…

    For more on nuclear bomb comedy as well as the phony baloney 9/11 practical joke, see my forum at…

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