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Showtime: Saturday, March 1, 2014

We discuss some of the research from the past week or two.

0;MARY’s shot”:




The 9/11 Phonytographers



* As the silly, nuclear play *





Dial 00000000 for Armageddon. US’s top secret launch nuclear launch code was frighteningly simple

For nearly 20 years, the secret code to authorize launching U.S. nuclear missiles, and starting World War III, was terrifyingly simple and even noted down on a checklist.

From 1962, when John F Kennedy instituted PAL encoding on nuclear weapons, until 1977, the combination to fire the devastating missiles at the height of the Cold War was just 00000000.


Thanks Jason!


Here is a summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 90b with Simon Shack of .

I was very pleased to hear Simon call out DallasGoldBug (Ed Chiarini) as an agent, deployed to discredit legitimate researchers of media .

20m – Simon said when he saw Hezarkhani shot, he thought, whoa, this is impossible
– Said he used to be a cartoonist
21m – Newton Burkett – famous reporter standing near collapsing tower
22m – Mary Altaffer – copyright pictures – similar cloned picture of collapsing tower of video made by Marty
23m – Several photographers are untraceable – could be digital entities
24m – Ab said he’s convinced all news organizations have sim reporters and photographers
25m – He emailed her, and it bounced
– Emailing suspicious people never goes anywhere, even phoning goes to answering machine or number doesn’t exist
26m – Mary Altaffer is credited with pictures of Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook (!)
28m – Frank Lowe in the shopping centre in Kenya
29m – Simon said he thinks DallasGoldBug’s role is to make people who compare pictures look ridiculous
32m – Australian Prime Minister made it really easy to show that the 52 dead in London 7/7 bombings were fake – because he gave the number 52 the same night they were still looking for the train carriages underground, with 7 Australians reported dead
36m – Banana girl on YouTube is aware of some of the fakery, thanks to Jungle Surfer
37m – Jungle Surfer starts going on an anti-milk rant until 44m
45m – Marty and Burkett survive with only 5 seconds to go
47m – Marty and Mary apparently standing right beside each other in filming second tower collapse — said if it was a real shot, she should’ve won the Pulitzer Prize — standing maximum 100 yards from the tower
48m – Can’t find her face anywhere – she’s found taking pictures at sandy hook of Gene Rosen
50m – Bill Biggart 9/11 deceased photographer – may have been a sim
51m – Ab said we’ve done a pretty good job lately exposing what the Jim Fetzer operation is all about, so he doesn’t bother with it as much these days
53m – Ian Greenhaigh guest at Fetzer’s site, a supposed photo expert
54m – 13-foot tall victim of “King Kong man” in tower
55m – Said the guy did a ridiculous job debunking the King Kong man
– Fetzer is the open-minded professor so people can surrender themselves to him to let him decide
58m – September Clues is so thorough so all you can do is ignore it and say you don’t’ have time – when confronted with it, there’s a lot of bluster, ad hominem attacks
59m – Fetzer asks why would they fake the video in a way that reveals its fakery?
1h1m – If it was a nuclear of the towers, why is Burkett still around with no obvious problems?
1h3m – If nuclear weapons are a hoax, could nuclear power possibly be a hoax
1h4m – He never really looked into Bohemian Grove because of its association with Alex Jones
1h7m – Culture of NIST changed from openness to secrecy under leadership of Lyman Briggs, who attended Bohemian Grove
1h10m – Found clear signs of image tampering on Enola Gay photos
1h12m – White line around “Enola Gay” letters show signs of masking
1h14m – The number 82 is different on 3 pictures
1h16m – Rivalry and drama over painting of plane
1h18m – Supposed pilot of Enola Gay was smiling for the camera before takeoff – if it’s a secret mission, and if he’s about to murder hundreds of thousands?
1h22m – Said 3 years ago, he wouldn’t have thought of -nagasaki bombing being a hoax, but now he’s thinking it probably is, now doubts nuclear weapons, without getting into the matter of nuclear power
1h23m – Said actual launch codes at one time were a bunch of zeros, to be easy to remember, from a daily mail story, they changed it in 1977
1h26m – Said the nuclear tests were one cartoon after another, said the clouds are pretty hilarious to watch
1h29m – Big fearmongering story that terrorists could use suitcase nukes
1h30m – Said he can’t prove they didn’t use nukes or dynamite – but logic says they would’ve used safest, most fool-proof method of destroying the towers
1h32m – They fabricated 9/11 rubble imagery

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6 thoughts on “ep90b-Simon Shack and cluesforum.info

  1. tsisageya

    Yes, I made a vow to not cuss anymore. But what the FUCK is this shit? Is this really where y’all are going with this as opposed to the other REAL WORLD?


    I already know that I live in the Truman Show. HELLO. But honestly? What you’re doing has become small potatoes. The world is being taken over by evil and this is what you’ve got to show me?

    Don’t argue and be defensive. Just say you’re motherfucking sorry.

  2. rickpotvin

    Ab, if you don’t mind my experiment, I’d like to simply post a link from your gadget heavy comments page that takes forever to type into to my thread in my forum that looks at your blog post or podcast. This podcast with you, Simona dn Junglesurfer was really great– as you said it doesn’t get better than this… Here’s my fast comments “section”…www.network54.com/Forum/153202…

  3. rickpotvin

    On the nuclear bomb issue that Ab and Simon cover in this talk– I can recall being blown away by the numerous picutres of nuclear tests when I first accessed google picture search. using my webtv box in th eearly 2000s
    Her’es a link– see what I mean. www.google.com/search?q=nuclea…

    This page continues to e gadget heavy so it takes forever to post a comment. I took a shot at commenting regularly but I have to give up. There should be a priority put on this comment section as the best feedback aveneu. There should be a way to take the other gå?gets off the front påge and installed on a secondary page.

    It would be nice to have an Atom feed for this site and simon’s– if you can provide the linke ab. Thanks.


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