6 thoughts on “3Rs crisis actors

  1. wolfman9

    Used to like Stackpot, he is now on my youtube shill list. Others: Ghenghy, RandomShots 174, Paulstal Service, Betsy Mcgee, KateSlate11, Dahboo77, TeamWakeEmUp and countless others. If you go to Youtube, bring a jacket, it gets kind of shilly.

  2. khammad

    “Christina-Taylor Green, 9, was excited about going to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ informal town hall event this weekend. She started becoming interested in politics during the last presidential campaign.”

    I call bullshit. Christina was born in 2001.
    The latest Presidential Election year was 2008. She was 7 years old !!! That’s 2nd or 3rd grade. What kid do you know that joneses for politics at 7 years of age?

    It’s the same 911 victim story. The victim was selfless, good humored, etc.

    The whole story is so full of holes, it’s a veritable potpourri of rabbit trails, just begging me to follow. I won’t though, cuz I am already down a few Sandy Hooks holes and haven’t come up yet. Something about fake dead kid stories that makes me want to get to the bottom of it.


    1. smj

      yes be careful with the green family rabbit hole; there’s probably still quite a bit of traffic in that hole, seeing as it’s the main tunnel to goldbuggery-land.

  3. columjaddica

    I run adblock but after I set the video to 1080p and fullscreened it, it showed a text ad about joining the CIA. I thought that was funny but no way to screenshot a fullscreen video on my system.

    What’s the name of the girl that was born on 9/11?

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