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You have to wonder what really is going on at the Bikini Atoll. Not one commenter questions the existence of nukes, so this story really just reinforces a generations old myth.

Good place to keep disappeared celebutards and world leaders for a time, I’d reckon.

The Marshall Islands are marking 60 years since the devastating US hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll, with exiled islanders saying they are too fearful to ever go back because of nuclear contamination.

via Bikini Atoll nuclear test: 60 years later and islands still unliveable | World news |

At least the US taxpayer is paying hush money to the displaced citizens, to this day.…

The islanders have been the beneficiary of several trust funds created by the United States government which as of 2013 covered medical treatment and other costs and paid about $550 annually to each individual.

Amazing coincidence that the 23 stars on its (US) flag symbolise islands of the Bikini Atoll, the same number of test bombs.

The 23 white stars in the canton of the flag represent the 23 islands of Bikini Atoll. The three black stars in the upper right represent the three islands that were disfigured in March 1954 during 15-megaton Bravo test by the United States. The two black stars in the lower right corner represent where the Bikinians live now, Kili Island, 425 miles to the south of Bikini Atoll, and Ejit Island of Majuro Atoll. These two stars are symbolically far away from Bikini’s stars on the flag as the islands are in real life (both in distance and quality of life)

Between 1946 and 1958, 23 nuclear weapons devices were detonated at seven test sites located either on the reef, on the sea, in the air or underwate…

Gratuitous bikini shot – yes the bathing suit was named after the islands.


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2 thoughts on “Bikini news

  1. lux

    Search Google images for “coca plantation” and compare those images with the grid pattern of plants visible in the Google Earth photo of Bikini atoll.

  2. khammad

    Just looked up the Bikini Atoll on google earth. Strange little island. No trace of an A bomb going off.

    However, someone did a hell of a lot of planting of shrubbery in a perfect grid pattern on an island full of radioactivity. Apparently, these are radioactive- resistant shrubs.

    Does a top secret military landscaper get hazard pay when landscaping post-nuclear sites?


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