Is it NASA or Gravity?

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One of the most blatant examples of 0;revelation of the method”.

is essentially telling you that they, as Space Hoax division of Hollywool, made the movie Gravity. After all, they’ve been making movies of space since Kennedy.

NASA tweets real 'Gravity' space pics

is sharing real photos taken in space that look like they came straight out of the Oscar-nominated film Gravity.

via NASA tweets real ‘Gravity’ space pics.

Further confusion in this article, which is in fact the purpose of disinformation, another main pillar of psyOps.

picked up seven trophies at the Academy Awards. The film’s striking realism—and its still-growing $270 million in revenue—has been hailed as a victory for science and space exploration. Too badGravity has a high-profile critic: NASA.

As Wired reports, the agency seems to have taken a three-step approach: “acknowledge, support, and deflect.” Although the film didn’t paint space exploration in a particularly flattering light—kids probably don’t dream of shooting into space only to float around in spacesuits with nothing to grab on to— successfully harnessed the film’s spectacular majesty to come out ahead.

In a truly savvy publicity move, NASA’s Twitter feed lit up as the Oscars telecast began, tweeting 31 times with a blend of admiration for the movie and gentle promotion of real-life space travel, using the hashtag #RealGravity.

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2 thoughts on “Is it NASA or Gravity?

  1. khammad

    I am looking at a some packing styrofoam on my table. I ordered a blender online. They packed the hell out of it: taped down and tightly fitted. It was like a chinese puzzle removing the styrofoam. They had to make sure stuff didn’t wobble lose and cause further damage.

    Consider the Mars Rover (friendly dog reference?) and the bumpy trip it had to make. Who removed the packing styrofoam and tape that prevents stuff from wobbling lose?

    Is not the Mars Rover considerably more complex than my blender? Does it not need considerably more styrofoam to protect its complicated parts?

    How could the Rover travel all that distance and arrive in perfect condition when we here on earth have yet to mastered intact and undamaged package delivery?

    I see only 2 possibilities: the Mars Rover is made with indestructable alien technology or the Mars Rover is a fake.

    As I am still waiting for the Greys to contact me, I must choose the fake option.

    1. Banazîr Galbasi

      This is a brilliant observation! Very well put. A million things can go wrong on the way and the crash landing they had to make was certain to break a thing or two (thousand).

      OnStar will be making their rounds near Mars soon so not to worry.

      Packing styrofoam, hilarious!


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