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Order in the Hoaxbusters court

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Peter Sheehan meets Judge Kendall in the hoaxbusters court.

At 3:37:00 or so Peter starts talking about meanings of words. That reminded me if this video and makes Clinton’s nonsense actually make sense.

* Duration 3:59h, Published 2/24/14 8:01:48 PM

* Episode Download Link (96 MB): recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

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Typical 9/11 podcast

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Here’s a typical podcast (Canadian) take in 9/11. Shill Kevin Barrett only quickly mentions media fakery, while still insisting and enforcing the 3000 dead myth.

It’s hard to find any podcast talking 9/11, let alone discussing total media fakery

* Episode Download Link (95 MB): traffic.libsyn.com/grimerica/B…

* Show Notes: grimerica.libsyn.com/grimerica…

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