Order in the Hoaxbusters court

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Peter Sheehan meets Judge Kendall in the hoaxbusters court.

At 3:37:00 or so Peter starts talking about meanings of words. That reminded me if this video and makes Clinton’s nonsense actually make sense.

* Duration 3:59h, Published 2/24/14 8:01:48 PM

* Episode Download Link (96 MB): recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

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1 thought on “Order in the Hoaxbusters court

  1. khammad

    The Judge Kendall show was one of his best!!! He clearly showed how courts truly work.

    I got a red light ticket last year. I found that the court has to know for sure who was driving the vehicle in order to make the ticket stick.

    So I had my loophole in hand for my day in court. When i was called up, I let the judge know that I was out of town and didn’t know who was driving. The picture taken by the intersection camera could not clearly identify the driver, which was not me.

    Before I could provide any evidence, the judge stopped me cold. Said he didn’t care, set the fine (no reduction), banged his gavel and my day in court was over.

    Who ever said the judge had to follow the law has never been to court.

    Chris NAILED it. The judge is the ultimate ruler of the court room and there is nothing you or I can do to change that.

    Now lets talk about what happens when a judge walks out of a court room because of some clever statement I made. All that means is my case didn’t get heard and I have to go back. I didn’t win. I have to take another day off work to settle this bullshit.


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