Nuclear Wunderkids

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Update 3/7/14

The more I think about this story, the more impossible it is to believe. This is exactly what spending time thinking dialectically does. You ask yourself 0;what is wrong with me thinking this is fake?”. “Why can’t a telescreen-hypnotized child of today break away from the programming and becoming a wizard of the highest level?”

The whole story has a Harry Potter theme to it. While I didn’t read the series, I believe Harry was a wizard. If you equate nuclear to the new sorcery, or , then you realize we need sorcerers, wizards, and wizards-in-training to take the reigns and lead us into energy salvation. So of course we need stories, or myths like this to keep the spell cast.

Now why don’t we have stories from our “enemies” ‘s children discovering the magic? Aren’t we told that Asian children are far more advanced in the maths because of their disciplined parents and tremendous work ethic? Shouldn’t North Korean children be pumping out nuclear discoveries every week, since they are held captive in dark places (perfect sorcery-inducing conditions)? If it’s so easy to stumble upon this magic in an underfunded, neglected, western school system lab, there should be nuclear discoveries popping up all over the world in Steve Wozniak garages and other child genius enclaves.

The “genius” Woz’s garage as depicted at Disney World.

* * *

Not too sure what to think of these nuclear wunderkids, other than to be highly suspicious of anything and everything they’re claiming. Since I fundamentally believe that fission/fusion to create massive amounts of energy is a simple scientific hoax, I pretty much dismiss these fluff pieces completely.Considering the dumbing down of education in general worldwide, it’s unfathomable to believe such advanced “research” even occurs.

And yesterday he became the youngest person in the world to achieve nuclear fusion from scratch at his Lancashire secondary school, using high energy to smash two hydrogen atoms together to make helium.…

Let’s look at the below photo. The entity in the safety suit has a very “Adam Lanza” look to it. Adam Lanza was a sim, so it makes sense that this image represents a sim too. Does this look like a lab or a messy closet? A good lab, like a good office, is neat and organized to be efficient. Messy=crazy scientist. Nobody crazy should be involved in nuclear if it is as unsafe as it’s supposed to be, that is, if nuclear material exists at all. What you are looking at below is more like a bad photoslop job of a composer’s idea of a wonky kid scientist.

sim Adam Lanza look-alike in a hazmat suit.…

My name is Taylor Wilson and I am a teenage nuclear scientist. I am obsessed with all things nuclear and radioactive and conduct research in related fields.

via Taylor’s Nuke Site.

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11 thoughts on “Nuclear Wunderkids

  1. Tom…

    The moment! The pointing! Teehee

    Is that morbidly obese ( sounds so crude, let’s call her, ‘slightly large’) 13 year old girl, a deliberate distraction? I think they should have made her break into song with the National Anthem, and it would have been… over.

    Someone in a wheelchair is always good for that. Old hawking…old Hawking.

    I like the Harry Potter angle. Those books were so huge…I wonder how much of a ringer J K Rowling is. I’ve not watched a Harry Potter or read a word, I think I block it out. Just musing…she never felt quite right to me.

    For the nuclear lie, it is over as far as I’m concerned. The fat lady has sung. I’m comfortable saying that nuclear weapons and energy and all the connected dangers of radiation,all that shit, is just that. The whole nuclear thing, is a full-on, top-down, bottom-up, con. We see, how a complete lie seems better for the control freaks as they can, surprise, surprise, completely control that. Gone are the days of hijacking good ideas – ‘nah, fuck that. This is the 20th Century. Let’s completely make up a new energy ‘.

    60 years later and they’re still selling us the lie.

    It’s too much for people to accept. Rather like satellites being a complete and utter load of tossed bollocks.
    It’s the Big Lie principle of course…the vicsims of 9/11, satellites, nuclear…they’re big lies and protected as that. Built-in protection. If you accept that satellites are total bullshit – you have to accept that so much else must be questionable. I know I’m just saying things most people here know, oh so very well….

    But, yeh. Nuclear’s one of those.

    I think lampooning it is a good way forward. Bring on the nuclear dickheads.

  2. khammad

    The entirety of proof that the kid make fusion lies in one thing: The Geiger counter. Hahahahahaha, that MAGIC box. I have played with a Geiger counter. It has an adjustable scale, like your bathroom scale. If someone was messing with it, they could set it off just by turning the knob to the right (analog).

    The purpose of the adjustable scale is to be able to set the background radiation to zero, so when you approach a more radioactive area, then the Geiger counter increases appropriately.

    The only reading you get with a Geiger counter, is if something is having more radiation than the background radiation (you previously set), and how much more. You cannot tell the total radiation of something with a Geiger Counter (well, that we can get a hold of).

    I was just reading that a Gieger counter tube, that reacts to ionization, has to be constructed of a fairly thin metal, not like most pressured gas tubes, so that the ionization can penetrate to the gas and make a pulse that the Geiger counter counts.

    So how is the radiation ionization that this kid made getting out of the thick-metaled vacuum chamber in order to react with the Geiger counter?

    I am not a scientist, I just play one online.

    Anyway, the whole thing is fishy.

    1. Tom

      That story is completely ridiculous. As if a 13 year old child could build a nuclear reactor? You know, he had the idea. The teacher said ”Oooh Jamie, will it blow up the school?” and Jamie said ”No, it won’t’. So, luckily the teachers believed him and gave him 3 thousand pounds and he done it, as you can see, in the picture as his teacher points at the geiger counter.

      His assistant took it all in…and then had afters.

      It seems to me that this is a sponsored event. Some duped child. A US – British false paradigm, world record, nuclear-race, absurdity.

      – It would point to making nuclear reactors very possible, if a child can make one in just some regular classroom.
      – Get the, ‘Blow the School Up’ reference in.

      Makes me proud to be British. They get younger and younger.

      Next we’ll have the first US baby to produce a nuclear weapon in his cot.

      I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point.

      1. khammad

        For the Brits, it seems to me, they would take the story like this:

        Jolly good show, the young chap has it all under control. We don’t have to worry about the future. We can just keep drinking our tea and not take a bother.

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