WTC on 9/11 from space

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Good news! The dept of has finished the space movie of the ! Just when you thought they’d let the biggest hoax of our generation fade a bit from memory, they’re tying the space hoax, with a$$tro-NOTS and Fakestations into the . Previously we just had (fake) stills from the scene, but now we have the whole (fake) footage.

As usual, they tie an a$$tro-NOT, a real life actor, with a fictitious character, the airline pilot vicsim, to further compound an re-enforce the myth. Myth making at its finest!

Once more one must ask why does Britain tend to be on the bleeding edge of reporting American psyOpery? I heard somewhere this has a legal reason behind it. Apparently it is (or was) illegal to create fiction and broadcast it to your own people (although I’ve also heard it IS legal now for the US to propagandize its own shit-izens), but when it originates from outside the country, it’s ok. It may even work both ways, so America can propagandize (lie) to other countries with impunity (if they have similar laws, which somehow I doubt), even if they’re not at 0;war”.

I’ll repeat it again: psyOps are most likely done within their laws. This would eliminate the possibility of real victims, since even in natural law, premeditated murder is certainly illegal.

Video footage of the aftermath of the attacks on New York filmed from space is to be broadcast in full on British TV for the first time by Channel 4 later this month.

The footage, in which a huge plume of smoke is seen stretching from the site of the devastated World Trade Centre towers, was captured from the International Space Station by astronaut Frank Culbertson.

Hours after the attack Culbertson went on to discover his friend Chic Burlingame was one of the pilots killed during the 2001 attacks when his airliner was hijacked by terrorists.

via Channel 4 to broadcast footage of 9/11 New York attacks filmed from space | Media |

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