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I’m having a hard time believing this story from the War on Crazy files. Just the image of the mother alone, looking like somewhat of a composite of a certain American black couple, has me very suspicious. I’ve also noticed an increase in promoted stories on pregnant women.

There isn’t anything glaring about this story, but the account of the three children, the video of the car in the water, the fact that it’s AP reporting, all make my fake-dar detect signals.

A pregnant South Carolina woman who drove a minivan carrying her three young children into the ocean surf off Florida faces attempted murder and other charges, with authorities saying Friday the children were screaming she was trying to kill them.

via Pregnant mother who drove minivan into ocean facing attemped murder charges for trying to kill three children | National Post.

Anyone remember Susan Smith – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia?

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  1. rickpotvin

    Funny you should mention evil because Dr. “Welner” has created a name for himself in the field of forensics by creating a “Depravity Standard” to measure people’s evilness by. It’s quite extensive and intricately laid out. Presumably (I haven’t done in depth reading on this), his index can tell mental health pros how much “evil” exists in a person– and better yet– we can all participate in Dr. Welner’s silly little pet project by contributing our own view on cases which will be factored into his “standard”. [Church Lady on SNL “Isn’t that special?” (Dana Carvey)]…

    Here’s his pitch…to get us involved in sentencing:
    “Now, you can have a say in the criminal sentences of tomorrow. Please do. It only takes about 30 minutes for you to have a big impact on your justice system – your input counts, as much as anyone’s!
    Whether you work within the system or not, we need your input to help distinguish those crimes that are truly the worst of the worst.

    My comment– Gee, I wonder how we should rate depravity of the creators, perpetrators and connivers involved in 9/11, SandyHook, and Apollo hoaxes among others? Let’s see….what would be the criminal sentence for helping to lie us into war? What should Dr. Welner’s sentence be for his own complicity in pretending that the Colorado Batman shooting was real? How depraved is Dr. Welner? What kind of a justice system relies on the public for sentencing decisions?

  2. rickpotvin

    I watched that item on TV closely looking for signs of fakery. I couldn’t understand why several emergency vehicles sat motionless with flashing lights while individuals ran out to the SUV– considering winches on heavy duty emergency trucks could be used to attach and pull the SUV back to the shore. I reviewed several youtubes tonight and ended up with Dr. Michael Welner as a key expert media commentator who is involved in identifying mental problems of mass killers such as at Vtech and SandyHook– both of which we understand here to be fake events. His prominance as an expert on the SUVbeach mom in MSM leads viewers to consider the need for more mental health laws in conjunction with DHS. His willing complicity in his pretense of analysis of fake mass murders makes him, of course, another shill for the coming police state along with all the 9/11 perps, designers, vicsims and compliant media and political people. Maybe he should be asked about the mental health of the emergency crews with winches on pickups that simply stood and watched the SUV move further out to pounding waves. It’s likely he doesn’t know what a winch is, however, considering his CV. I’ve assembled the videos and links regarding Dr. Micheal “Welner” (a mock name perhaps referring to “Wellness”?). With all his accolades, degrees and publications, Dr. Welner apparently can’t detect fakery. Exposing Dr. Welner as a fraud and liar with a subversive agenda to over-ride the Constitution should be an ongoing job, among others, of fakologists like us. Here are the youtubes, links and more discussion.…

    1. ab Post author

      Good post Rick. I think you’re right on with the mental health meme. All the same actor/experts are in place.

      Good there be a eugenics base for all this? Could this scare potential breeders from considering offspring? If they portray children or husbands as evil and driving women to suicide, could this influence family decisions? If one does have children, could the fear of the state removing them from their parents also strike fear into their minds? PsyOps are big picture events that have many strands of purpose.

        1. rickpotvin

          Ab, I’m not sure what your protocol is for introducing a new topic but I’ll use this comment section in lieu of other gadgets here that I don’t fancy– and iron out the mess later. Before I do that, I need your phone number for raw calling since I dont’ have skype yet– but am leaning into the problem. Secondly, if I call in, I’d prefer to review the significant points I made on my forum as a talking point guide and will submit a linked list of them that you can pick and choose from as host.…

          I updated my self-description lately as an “amateur fakologist” using your suggested fakology semantics– a good neutral and hip sounding word– rather than philosopher or epistemologist.

          Now the latest media event that grabbed me was the Malaysian airliner that disappeared. I was reminded of the 9/11 flights that disappeared into the trade towers that turned out to be nonexistent (no planes). It occurred to me that there was no Malaysian flight 380 that disappeared in the S. china sea area– that the entire flight disappearance is fabricated. But why? I kept searching– and recalled that the S. China sea is disputed territory between China and surrounding nations. Then I discovered that the US is sending in two missile-loaded destroyers into the S. China Sea with a total of 600 men to help search for the apparent (fake) missing airliner. It seems to me that a fake airliner crash could be used as a pretext to get US military presence in the disputed S. China Sea justified as a demonstration of willingness and ability to force China to back up from their claim of sovereignty over that entire sea which– which when I looked at it in more depth– does indeed seem absurd. More details and links on my thread here……

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