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Another 9/11 podcast

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These two hosts don’t address or avoid or haven’t discovered media fakery. The only way one could not know or understand the media fakery angle is to avoid it deliberately.

Mike Cannon and the Liberty Men discuss 9/11 conspiracy theories and hidden facts.

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* Show Notes: soundcloud.com/ditrh/ep-01-9-1…

* Podcast Feed: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/de… (feeds.soundcloud.com/users/sou…)

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Should CluesForum exist? – Resounding YES here

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Resident philosopher Hoi Pilloi starts a brilliant thread on cluesforum.

My quick and easy comment is yes, cluesforum.info is probably the most important website on the internet and should exist.

Posts like this lead me to believe Hoi is one of the best philosophers commenting on the matrix we all love to study and decode.

If you’re not a cluesforum member, feel free to comment below on this topic.

Without cluesforum, there would be no fakeologist — I am sure of that.

It isn’t as if getting all sorts of praise for saving people from believing fairy stories would make us feel any better. It would probably make us feel very little difference at all. We would just be confused why people suddenly decided to wake up and no wiser about what it takes for them to do so. All we might conclude is that patience and optimism are necessary and our site serves as a distraction from meditative activities, as much as any Alex Jones or Michael Moore sort of pseudo-truth entertainment. Because of this and because people seem to be fickle, as a whole, about what the present paradigm ever is, what kind of difference can we expect from making people aware of the falseness of all the fear stories? What stories are we supposed to be creating as a replacement for the general populous’ craving for the bizarre and emotionally manipulative? Must we break people’s addictions to such feelings, and if so, how?

via Should CluesForum exist? • Cluesforum.info.

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ep91-Fakeologist RAW

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Rawtime: Saturday, March 8, 2014 9:11pm EST

Ab chats with Nimblehorse, Mark, Delcroix and his crew (Brizer and Zapoper), and Jan Erik about 9/11.

The last hour or so discusses the “Jewish problem” that consumes many researchers on who the “they” are.

Jan Erik tries to educate how the word “jew” is a newer term in history, and questions when the “jew” got all their power.



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