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Rawtime: Saturday, March 8, 2014 9:11pm EST

Ab chats with Nimblehorse, Mark, Delcroix and his crew (Brizer and Zapoper), and Jan Erik about .

The last hour or so discusses the 0;Jewish problem” that consumes many researchers on who the “they” are.

Jan Erik tries to educate how the word “jew” is a newer term in history, and questions when the “jew” got all their power.



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4 thoughts on “ep91-Fakeologist RAW

  1. FauxCapitalist

    Ab, regarding the discussion starting 55 minutes in, I don’t see your analogy of not looking to where the magician tells you to look as applying to the case of the callers’ assertions that it’s the Jews.

    The mass media, the 535 voting members of Congress, the top foundations and secret societies don’t say it’s the Jews.

    Some in the alternative media have said that, but some of them discredit their assertion if they are neo-Nazis, have criminal records, etc, and the few serious voices in the alternative media who say that, without a big enough platform — keeping with the analogy — are not magicians on the level of a David Copperfield who wow the masses.

    We can look to the examples of Marlon Brando, Mel Gibson and Rick Sanchez to see what happens when you do say it’s the Jews from a mass media platform.

    1. ab Post author

      Point taken. Who knows if the three examples you gave are real or staged to have the chilling effect? The psyop is big and complete, including the itsthejews angle.

  2. rickpotvin

    Hi Ab- I was hoping you would steer away from the concern about any particular culture of people in this episode but alas– no. I was not inclinced to listen further because part of the freshness of your talk show — and Simon’s forum– is indeed looking at the ridiculous contradictions in the images and other elements of hoaxed media. If we were to posit that little demonic entities from the 4th dimension were scripting the hoaxes, what difference would that make? None, I posit. We amateur fakEologists (potatoE) are pointing out the objective higher truth about these scripted fake events no matter who is running them. When I originally concieved 9/11: Who Did It?, I was thinking about who– specifically– by name or organization. Subsequently with Markus, Simon and you, it seems obsolete compared to “What Just Happened?”. I now think if we battle fakery on its demerits rather than on who is perpetrating fakery, we cast a wider and more effective net. True truth is independent of its carrier. So too are falsehoods and lies. I’m just saying I find talk shows about the higher truth more interesting than exploring who is lying… although that would be interesting in another venue. Just my 2cents. If you have time, relay feedback to me on my Malaysian Flight Disappearance photo-essay in my forum here

    Ab’s fans invited too. I’m still looking for a feedlink for Simon’s Clues forum updates. Ab’s forum section has no obviouss “new topic ” button despite Ap pointing me there . Ab’s main page continues to be heavily overloaded with gadgests slowing this page down. Simons’s clues continues to refuse my emaill login. Markus invited me to his area but I’m having problems there too. Just sayin’.

    1. ab Post author

      I tend to agree with you on the whodunnit angle. I didn’t bring the topic up and tend to avoid it from the fakeology angle, since I know there are many who tune out. The call went around in circles at the end in a most unsatisfying way so I apologize to the great listenership.

      New topics can be introduced in any forum by simply filling in the bottom boxes. More time looking and less time bashing my gadgets (get a faster computer/net connection) will help you Rick.

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