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  1. khammad

    Why does a news facility need:

    cinema-quality HD cameras and lenses
    an extensive lighting system with dimmers
    a sophisticated audio system and gear
    elite quality green screen production
    a huge 3-walled prelit cyclorama
    amazing ultimatte 11 HD and chromakey compositing
    HD 3D Virtual studio system
    industry leading encodacam and coded camera crane

    which allows a news agency to prepare a report that

    appears to take place on location with full camera movements and complete photo realism when in fact, it is all done in a studio?

    All this is available at LACastleStudios.com in lovely Burbank, CA.

    Can we conclude that the masses are not savvy about how news is produced?
    Can we also conclude that people in the media industry have full knowledge of production tricks?

    Conclusion: Media is complicit in the trickery and lies.

    Duh, I am preaching to the choir here. My point is that this video needs a wider audience. Could I be a shill for fakery and promote this video in the comment pages of abc, nbc, cbs, cnn, fox, msnbc, bbc, cbc?

    I’d like to, I’d want to, but who has the time? I am pretty sure those other shills get paid for what they do and I would be doing it for free.

    Instead, what we can all do, is tag the heck out of our products, and share, share, share. We can make cogent arguments that might be picked up by those who question.

    I still have hope.

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