Sowing the conspiracy seeds of MH370

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A good always has the mandatory conspiracy theories released immediately to spread disinformation and to distract from the main idea that the entire event is a hoax.

The mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight has spurred a list of conspiracy theories — both sound and crazy. Here are the top 5.

via Top five Malaysia Airlines conspiracy theories | World | News | Toronto Sun.

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5 thoughts on “Sowing the conspiracy seeds of MH370

  1. rickpotvin

    Reuters (MSM fake media) reports that China will use “10 satellites” (fake non existent science fiction technology) to find the (fake non existent) airliner…

    China is sending “warships” to find the airliner. US Destroyers are also being engaged. Wikipedia has a complete list of (likely true) ships in the area. This is a military DRILL– based on a FALSE pretext of a downed civilian airliner. The South China Sea and Melacca straight are hotly contested zones between China and neighbouring 7 countires. This fake airliner crash might be a way to create an exercise in a show of force with a humanitarian aid face.….

  2. khammad

    I like what Adam Curry said. “I think the flight never took off in the first place”

    Pay off a couple of guys and there you have it. Just faked an airplane crash.

    1. ab Post author

      Haven’t listened to the last few noagendas, but good to see he’s getting closer. One can only ignore the fakery for so long, but he’s been doing so for a long time.

  3. rickpotvin

    I did a review of that here……

    Isn’t it interesting that the Sun’s 5th idea was Hollywood hoax? They propose that the hoax, in this theory, would be to promote a movie. My theory proposes it was done to get US military into the S. China Sea. Which one do you like better? Mine– or the Sun’s?

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