Thrashing at Mami’s

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I’m not afraid to post criticism, let alone a lambasting. This blog/audiocast is nothing more than one man’s journey through a world of deception. As a blog, it probably wouldn’t get noticed much, but the added dimension of audio seems to bring a great deal of attention, for which I am not always grateful. Audio was added as more of experiment with computer talk radio. I’ve listened to talk radio since I bought my first radio, and always wanted to try my hand at it.

I get quite the thrashing over at Mami‘s – where Delcroix posts the show. Either I’ve completely missed the obviousness of the jews’ total control over the world or my skepticism has hit quite the nerve with their crowd. Why would one person’s opinion cause such derision? Why would anyone care? How are they so sure that they’re right? Never once have I said or meant that I know who is in control. I can listen all day to their posted media, but I still am not convinced that their clear enemy is in charge.

While I am not convinced those saying  Jesuits or Jesuit-trained are in charge either, as past guest Robin Fisher has mentioned, I find the lack of discussion of this group puzzling and suspicious.

English: Roundel of the Sovereign Military Ord...

English: Roundel of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There isn’t that much information on SMOM or some of the secret associations that most leading community and world leaders seem to be associated with, including 0;the jews”.  I do think that the Nutwork (a phrase I think Simon coined on is the best way to describe the  group of psychopaths that goes out of its way to remain deceptive and hidden.

Until I am convinced otherwise, I’ll stick with my theory that the of control and who runs things is and will remain as deceptive as the psyOp hoaxes that they promote — no matter how much (mami’s) shit I have to take.

As an aside, how many fakeologists were turned off or on with the last broadcast? I did get a few negative emails about the direction of the conversation, saying most prefer discussing the fake events than those who may be behind them.






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Jan Erik Hansen
Jan Erik Hansen(@jan-erik-hansen)
7 years ago

The Ambassador with the President of Istrael…

7 years ago

It was simple photo fakery analysis at Clues along with Ab’s “clean break” from “who did 9/11” (or what groups or cultures) that was the appeal of the Simon and Ab angles for me. Logic and photographic reality are not bound by who exceeds them. It’s pure reasoning without culture. Reason is not culture bound, it’s universal. The clues/fakology approach represents a higher universal reality. The rap song “You can’t tuch this” comes to mind. Nobody can touch it– in other words, it’s an approach beyond reproach. The ONLY possible critique MUST meet the clues/fakology approach on it’s own level… Read more »

7 years ago

they probably don’t know what to make of you. to people who have been completely swept up in a single narrative for so long you must seem quite the epistemological coup de main.

7 years ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

coup de main: a sudden action undertaken to surprise an enemy. you blind-sided the poor devils at mami’s collective by getting directly to the epistemological heart of the matter. you rendered their fundamental narrative irrelevant by asking a simple question– just how deep does the dupery run?. that probably stings a little since they have been so publicly all in on ‘ it’s the jewz’. the thing is you are not doing it out of spite. you’re not calling them nazis or suggesting that they are repressed shylocks. they are confused (that is if they are sincere); they have no… Read more »

Jan Erik Hansen
Jan Erik Hansen(@jan-erik-hansen)
7 years ago
Reply to  Smj


Blue Moon
Blue Moon(@blue-moon)
7 years ago

Sounds like a lot of belly aching at The ‘Shit- All the closet Joos over there are acting like closeted gays- The bashers are always the loudest with the anti-fill in the blank caterwauling to keep from accepting themselves as who they really are- Some people need an impregnable paradigmatic corral to keep it together because of some self-loathing aspect of their personality (self-loathing is actually a well- worn familiar of Jewish identity)- Aside from themselves and their family, I wonder if any of these hidden Hasidim have ever met any real Jewish persons or, honestly, any of those devious,… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Blue Moon

Blue Moon, you’re a poet. A slightly unusual one, but I like it.