Lunar lander lunacy

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Chris does a great job riffing for four hours alone on the last Hoaxbusters. Lots of good thoughts, especially on what 0;non-religious” people beLIEve in.

Tune in to the 2:11:11 mark or so.


Elvis may indeed not be dead.
Daylight Savings Time,The Manhattan Project, Nukes Don’t Exist, Caffeine Buzz, The Holonet, The Courts, Judges, Attorneys, The Law, The System, The Sheriff don’t give one rats ass about your happy slave behind, Interdependence, Hippies, Vietnam, Canker Sore Cure, Farmers Markets, The Bates Method, Self Sufficiency, Statism vs Religion, Sam Harris vs. Redneck Philosophy, Is Elvis Still Alive? How the hell do we really know for sure? I’m mean, come on…how do you REALLY know? How can you be so sure?REALLY???…

Chris also talks about the holoweb.

While the above site is another jew-bash fest and believes in sim-Snowden, it is an interesting concept that they could be presenting different websites to different people. That in itself seems to be an engineering feat that’s mostly unnecessary. I believe there is ghosting and other ways to alter and block different pages, but I’m not sure to what extent there is a parallel internet to keep people away from sites they may consider dissenting.

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3 thoughts on “Lunar lander lunacy

  1. columjaddica

    Does anybody got a link for something about the “hollownet” “holoweb” or whatever he was talking about around 41:00? It sounds similar to the “shadowban” tactics that a lot of huge forums like Reddit use, extrapolated to the whole internet.


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