Harlem’s 9/11

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Hellfire and destruction everywhere — who knows what really happened/is happening at this latest media-event in Harlem. Have to look more closely now that the mighty meme has been invoked. What took them so long?

Rep. Charles Rangel called an apparent building and collapse in his district in Harlem of New York City the most “horrific” thing that has hit his home district in his time in Washington and said it is his community’s Sept. 11.

via Charlie Rangel: ‘Our community’s 9/11’ – Tal Kopan – POLITICO.com.

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3 thoughts on “Harlem’s 9/11

  1. tsisageya

    I am geography challenged, I think. When a headline speaks about a huge explosion in Manhattan, I think one thing. When it turns out to be Harlem, I think something else. Am I missing the propaganda, or am I just ignorant? I bet I’m just ignorant.

    OR, maybe I see the propaganda just fine?

  2. Blue Moon

    The following may have no nutritional value, save for the pinch of salt it comes with, but less than a day before this Harlem mishigas, an apartment block under construction two blocks from where I work here in San Francisco went up in flames, taking out 360 units of the 900 plus being built in the immediate area- Having walked past that site on foot five days a week, I watched point blank how the area went from land fill to a small city within a city in less than five years- I’d bet the house the speed with which these buildings have been going up has allowed crews to skip certain safety procedures to meet impossible deadlines- There is a huge hospital getting ready to open in February of ’15 just down the road and residences are needed for the influx of people coming here to live and work- This fire and the destruction it caused is a major fuck-up to this land developing project at Mission Bay- The future of corporate medicine and the attendant industries, like insurance and all the innovative technology that big med has banked on, is a major financial investment for the international corporate communities- Heads will roll and the delays will cause unforeseen problems for some time-Now, I say that because it’s remotely possible that this story had to get off the national news desk ASAP and a 911 flavored New York disaster has done a pretty good job of grabbing people’s attention, even here in The City- Frisco’s reputation has been protected over the years because of its massive tourist revenues and in recent decades it’s become the face of the tech revolution- Even a pratfall like this is not good for business- Again, I may be overreacting, but this might be one motive for the Harlem hustle- (I don’t have much in the way of a phone cam but here’s a pic I took as water cannons fired away)

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