Jon Bonet unraveled

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After watching this video, and seeing the occult numerology and bizarre acting; add to that the alleged military connections, Colorado, and the satanic/child abuse stories presented in the video, I’m now almost certain that the deliberate confusion is a defining characteristic of a hoax —  which this is. I doubt this little girl even existed, ie. was a sim.

Suddenly this story fits the template. As the storylines unfold, you will see it does too.

2 thoughts on “Jon Bonet unraveled

  1. richard benedict

    Another excellent post, Ab. I remember when the Jon Benet Ramsey psycho-drama unfolded. Nothing made sense. When I follow Ab’s suggestion and use my fakologist lens, suddenly everything becomes clear, the dodgy scenarios, the “bizzare characters”, (remember “Santa Claus?… etc.)

    Author Lawrence Schiller decides to weigh on the Ramsey case, qualified because of his previous books on the Tate Labianca murders, Simpson murders, 😮…

    1. ab Post author

      Perhaps the author created the original story, making him eminently qualified to write the next chapter.


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