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  1. Tom

    ”Social conformity, literally leads to our brain re-writing our reality” – well yes – temporarily in the case of 9/11, for us, for example.

    Interesting the brain… temporary reality… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporal…

    The real nature of the brain and how it works, it would seem to me, would be kept as a BIG SECRET. Our own oh-so-up-to-date contemporary ( yes, I’ve got a point there, I think) mainstream academic version of how our brain works would, it would appear to me, be one of the first things the control freaks would seek to misdirect with.

    I think it seems most likely the ‘Eye of Ra’ symbol from ancient Egypt is based upon the cross section of a human brain – the ‘Eye’ is simply the pineal gland, with it’s ‘retina, lens and cornea’ – not based on the markings of an Eagle as is the contemporary historical version. This seems telling – Why make up that bullshit? This appears a fascinating insight into the Egyptian rulers thinking and a telling omission by contemporary ‘wisdom’.


    The real science of the brain is surely obscured for the benefit of control.

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