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Every now and then try and listen to Alan Watt, at the suggestion of of

Why this time? With the frequency of late of the in and around my metropolis, Toronto, and the latest biggie, the phantom flight disappearance event (hoax), it was time to step back and try and get a dose of Watt’s big picture thinking and hear his latest musings.

I haven’t ever heard him speak of .

Very Cold and Snowy Winter – Mainstream Radio and TV News – Factions Fighting for Power – Fixed System of Britain – Time and Motion – RIIA/CFR/CIGI – Nations used by Private Business – Non-Democratic Authoritarian System – Sherpas and Free Trade Treaties – Dominant Minorities – Feudalism – Rise of the Intelligentsia – Communism – Rationalization – Obligations – Control over All Essentials – Egocentric Society – Human Capital – Weaponized Entertainment- Social Engineering – Information Overl

* Podcast Feed: Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Podcast (.rss Format) (…)

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