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Herd it through the grapevine

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herd   Google SearchWhich herd are you in? How many come to the third herd, and run screaming back to the first? Interesting article.

The 1st herd lives and dies by the word of the mainstream media. What Diane Sawyer and Dan Rather say is law, reality, the truth. End of story. It’s very, very hard to awaken a member of the 1st herd. After all, it’s such a comfortable, pleasant reality in which they live. Members of the 1st herd are often referred to as ‘sheeple’ and in a manner of speaking, they are sheared on a regular basis.

via The Four Herds | hatrickpenry.

h/t Videre on chat.fakeologist.com and on Dustban 10 at the 1:35:00 mark. She makes some good comments on herd management.

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It’s legal to use the TV to lie

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Chris examines the movie Quiz Show and concludes that are no real laws that prohibit deception from being propagated by the media.

…which has nothing really to do with tricking the public but is mainly concerned with the prize money.So, basically there is probably no laws in existence that prohibit television producers from engaging in blatant deception.

via HOAX BUSTERS CALL: Quiz show scandals.

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Dustban 10 – Dusty and Ban meet Richard Gage

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A must listen for Dustban fans.

Dusty and Ban went to the Richard Gage traveling controlled-opposition 9/11 show in Vancouver – and there’s audio!

Have to give them credit for sticking their heads into the lion’s mouth.

Banazir’s question was allowed, but Richard Gage used his skills as a disinformation artist to confuse September Clues with 9/11 Missing links video, and then added some anecdotes that he met 6-8 people that saw the “planes” hit.

Dusty then got some good plugs in on our website, but not without disruption and introduced chaos to muffle his message.

The man with the mic for the questioners had a firm grip on the mic, in order to control and mute and unwanted query. I question whether any of those that come and ask questions are real or simply shills. If and when real people, like Dusty and Ban appear, there are easily managed and controlled.

Like any other “show”, it is strictly managed and controlled. The depth and efforts made to manage the 9/11 psyOp are incredible, and really beyond most people’s grasps of the lengths the controllers will go to perpetuate their myth.


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ep92-Rick Potvin on MH370

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Rick and the Fakeologist talk about MH370 and the nuke hoax.

Audio record time: Sunday, March 16, 2014 3:11pm EDT




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Don’t forget our space cadet

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Canada’s contribution to the space/NASA hoax is recycled from the psyOp archives, complete with 11 things we don’t really want to know about him.

I wonder if NASA writes this stuff and simply allows news outlets to put their moniker on it?

Too many occult numbers to highlight in the link below. Read if you must.

After arriving on the International Space Station on Dec. 21, 2012, Chris Hadfield took the reins of command on March 13, 2013 — becoming the first and only Canadian to command humanity’s most distant outpost. During the mission, Hadfield flew nearly 100 million kilometres during a five-month stay in space.

Here are 11 things you might not know about him:

via 11 things you may not know about Chris Hadfield | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

If you’re new to this blog, my stance on space is simple: the moon landing was a hoax, and ALL subsequent NASA events were/are too. I doubt any living creature has ever left our atmosphere, and I’m not sure how far rockets/probes/satellites have gone. My guess is not far at all. NASA is the space deception division of the military, as is responsible for all space relating psyOp/hoaxing.

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