ep92-Rick Potvin on MH370

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Rick and the Fakeologist talk about and the nuke hoax.

Audio record time: Sunday, March 16, 2014 3:11pm EDT





Yesterday I suspected a fake terrorism event might happen because it was the sixty-sixth day of the year.  In history, that number has had importance, and often been found at the beginning or end of an important event.  It is my opinion that the same people who have made the number 33 important, have also made the number 66.


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14 thoughts on “ep92-Rick Potvin on MH370

  1. rickpotvin

    Ab, and fans– and Simon— Are you familiar with David Chase Taylor–? He just posted the best summary of MH370 I’ve seen yet– on Mar 31 and Just found it an hour ago. I cover it here.

    10 reasons why mh370 never existed– and what “they ” plan to do!

  2. columjaddica

    There are real ways of generating EMPs by forcing magnets through coils. This is supposed to be reproducible by a home experimenter, but I’ve never seen it personally, although my basic knowledge of electronics and things like transformers makes me think it possible. But that is much more localized than the effects described by nuclear EMP, especially if you believe what they say about detonating one in the ionosphere. The tests are documented and info is available on Wikipedia but even though they describe it effecting a large part of the area over the pacific they mainly talk about it interrupting electronics in Hawaii. The area they did it over was mostly empty, being the pacific, and most islands were not electrified. That’s if anything happened at all but what I’m saying is there weren’t many witnesses to the test really and they could have been fooled (if this wasn’t just all made up after the fact)

    Basically, I believe the EMP scare when I have to grab my bugout bag.

  3. columjaddica

    I think that the corporations involved in the stories are connected. They might not have a say as to what words are put in their mouths in news reports but they go along with the program. In the United States large corporations all have Homeland Security disaster planning experts and they actually rotate into at DHS for something like an embedded temporary role and then back to their company.

    I had some govt docs specifying the program but I can’t dig them out of Google right now.

    I’m certain that the companies are willing participants

  4. PeterShea

    funny that the show was broadcast on march 16 2014 or 3/1+6/14 or 3/7/77 or 77777
    which is 5 ‘7’s’ and at 3.11p.m. or 3+1+1 which equals 5.

    ok. enough of the numbers from me, for now.

    btw, when I mention above the western date when this occurred 3/7/14 compared with the eastern date 3/8/14, and the ‘8’ replacing the ‘7’, it is well known that the east represents the spiritual or right brain and the west represents the ego or left brain.

  5. ab Post author

    I really enjoy your visits. Your research is great and I think your forum format, once tweaked, is an excellent way to expose the media fraud. With regard to the sounds — I would have been even faster had I known that most of the links were underneath your forum titles. I quickly searched for most of them while you were talking. Let’s deconstruct the next psyOp in the same way. Listeners like to hear current events being destroyed into their fake parts, especially as the story happens.

    1. rickpotvin

      I’m installing content indicators on the subject lines now– trying a few different ways to do it to test it out. I’d like to do a nuclear fraud discussion seeing as you’ve adopted the fake position too– which is a really big huge gigantic one that I still can’t really wrap my mind around. It’s bigger than 9/11, and the moon hoax since it goes back even further. It’s relevent to 9/11 in that I was stuck on the micro nukes in the WTC for a good few years due to the energy requirements I figured they needed to pulverize the buildings. I couldn’t understand the paper surviving however. Judy Wood solved that for me with the notion that plasma particle beams required “mass” to transfer destructive power from one molecule to the next– and paper would have been too thin or flimsy. Iron beams, on the other hands, would have a molecular arrangement suitable for molecular level dissociation. That would have given new importance to the notion of “get it on paper” when doing a deal with someone. It’s more “ironclad” than iron beams. To replace fake nuclear heat sinks, we would use flywheels– but flywheels– if the earth rotates– would have to be installed on universal swivel mounts– unless the earth is flat of course, otherwise they would break out of their housings. It may be that generator wheels in hydro power plants already prove that earth doesn’t rotate for the same reason. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Man…

      1. ab Post author

        Sure I’m game. Whenever you’re ready with your links (if you want) we can deconstruct. Sometimes I think we should get a nuke scientist on, but would that even make sense due to their own training is deeply entrenched in their minds? We’re on shakier ground with the nuke hoax, but it really makes so much more sense with the 9/11 hoax explained in our minds.

        1. rickpotvin

          As Niel Armstrong said … “There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth’s protective layers”– and this applies to the nuclear hoax apparently as well. The nature of the protective layer is likely embedded in the societies– like Nuclear Engineer Society– or IEEE– and more– a protective layer that is sociological to the point where when we talk to people directly involved in the nuclear industry, which I have done, they have a way of avoiding “meaningful conversation”. It might be a sort of NLP tactic– that predates even NLP. It could be thought of as a sort of mind control through language control. I’ve been interviewed for jobs numerous times and the trick questions people have used are instructive. They can weed out trouble makers (independent thinkers) from willing slaves. I myself have trained in sales– understanding tactics (unfair) that work. Getting a nuclear scientist on your podcast would reinforce my theory on this I think– and it would be fun to that extent.

  6. PeterShea

    great show tim and rick. very entertaining and informative.
    regarding the numerology, this is a ‘7’ event.

    boeing 777 MH370

    M=13 H=8 and 8+13=21=7+7+7. the 370 can be read as 3×7(0), the flight becomes a;

    boeing 777 777777(0) which goes missing on 3/7/14 or 3/7/77 western time. again 3/7 can be written as 777, so we have a boeing 777 777777(0) going missing on 7/77/77.
    that is 14 ‘7’s’ or 7+7 ‘7’s’ or 777. notice it ‘occurred’ on 3/8/14 eastern time where the ‘8’ replaces the ‘7’.

    there are so many ‘7’s’ associated with this ‘event’ (i.e. 25 or 2+5 countries involved in the search) and this is not the first boeing 777 involved in faked stories recently (remember sum ting wong?)

    ‘G’ is the 7th letter and is a (masonic) addition to our alphabet and is not to be found in the phoenician alphabet (on which our alphabet is based). it usurped the ‘H’ as the number of God. the ‘H’ now reclaims it’s original position/status as all ‘G’s’ are replaced with a ‘CH’ or ‘K’.

    from 3/7/14 to 4/20/14 is 44 days, 4/20/14 being easter or resurrection sunday.
    the dead will rise. if you carry I.D. and represent your legal name, you are representing a dead legal entity. discard it all to live again.

    I think that the purpose of this Malaysian event is to expose 9/11 for the fakery extravaganza that it was, as all things come to a head.

    this is my final answer/date for all things to change. i’m all in on this one, hoping with all hope for blackjack, 21 or 777.

    once again, a very enjoyable show. many thanks and love to you all, my friends.


  7. rickpotvin

    Ab, that was fun. Thanks for facilitating my attempt to convert writing to extemporaneous talking– ACTIVE LITERACY. I’ll look at nuclear issues for next time– and test myself on that apparently fake issue. Those videos above and finding and playing them during the talk, instantly, is excellent.


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