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herd   Google SearchWhich herd are you in? How many come to the third herd, and run screaming back to the first? Interesting article.

The 1st herd lives and dies by the word of the mainstream media. What Diane Sawyer and Dan Rather say is law, reality, the truth. End of story. It’s very, very hard to awaken a member of the 1st herd. After all, it’s such a comfortable, pleasant reality in which they live. Members of the 1st herd are often referred to as ‘sheeple’ and in a manner of speaking, they are sheared on a regular basis.

via The Four Herds | hatrickpenry.

h/t Videre on chat.fakeologist.com and on Dustban 10 at the 1:35:00 mark. She makes some good comments on herd management.

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