St. Patrick – by the numbers

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You thought I was big on the occult numerology…

Saint Patrick was born in 387 AD, around the time Christians began worshiping on Sunday instead of Saturday, or the Sabbath Day, or the day of worship as instructed by the Bible.  This transition from Saturday to Sunday worship is credited to the Catholic Church, and the late 4th Century, right around the time of St. Patrick’s birth in 387 AD. St. Patrick was born in Banwen and had the birth name Maewyn Succat.

via free to find truth: 33 Watch | Why We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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1 thought on “St. Patrick – by the numbers

  1. Blue MoonBlue Moon

    Did not read all of the article, but as a predictably well lubricated Irishman in exile, my only take on this day of racial profiling is that the name “Patrick” reads very suspiciously like “Patrician” which is a Roman appellation- Given that the suggested time of birth of this almost certainly mythical figure is in the aftermath of the last years of the Roman pagan revival spearheaded by the short lived emperor Julian, I suspect that “St. Patrick” was a miracle worker (Snakes???? Phallic symbols??? Eradication/Castration??? Anyone???) and that his adventures are in the hide bound tradition of conversion myths that were imposed on the hoi polloi by the nominally devout elites to get the serfs acquainted with the new program- The drinking is a relatively modern expression of oppression from Britain- A subject for another day-

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