Turbulence or native advertising?

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Another dull story to be sure, but is it real or just native advertising?

Native advertising is a concept that Adam Curry made me aware of in his noagendashow.com. Since people skip ads anywhere they are placed, advertisers are paying media directly for reporting on their companies. Most are positive stories, but the ones that get noticed are most certainly the bad ones (0;if it bleeds, it leads” — an old media slogan). A notable negative story was the FDA’s warnings about an opiate that was recently approved. Could the drug company that is behind the new drug be colluding for publicity?

With that in mind, could this run-of-the-mill story be false? One simple error: flight attendants do NOT serve or walk the aisle when the fasten-seat-belt sign is ON. Of course, we have the usual magicK .

Chapman said a medical team cleared a 27-year-old male flight attendant who received a cut on his head during the turbulence, but didn’t need stitches. He was in an aisle serving passengers when the turbulence hit.

As a precaution, responders also checked on a 27-year-old female flight attendant, who was also serving passengers and fell to the floor, Chapman said. The medical team prescribed over-the-counter pain medication.

Chapman said the captain had the seat belt sign on, and no passengers were injured.

via Sunwing Edmonton-Puerto Vallarta flight makes Montana emergency landing after ‘pretty scary’ turbulence | National Post.

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1 thought on “Turbulence or native advertising?

  1. columjaddica

    It’s really absurd that they are still making hydrocodone in forms that can be so easily crushed and railed. Somebody feels left out of the gravy train so now they’ll introduce ANOTHER one?

    The article says that they introduced a less abusable form of Oxycontin awhile back but my own observations don’t back that. People still have the same pills that crush to fine powder no problem. It’s ridiculous. I’m in a part of the country with a lot of opiate addiction.

    It gets on my nerves quite a bit because most of the people that I know that get these do not need them at all and are far too young. It must be miserable having to act like you’re in pain all the time. I probably sound heartless but I think the majority are faking it. They are all terrified that they’ll be removed from the pain management programs though, which could actually be a death sentence for some of the more addicted.

    Piss in this cup, lets get some blood, come down again Tuesday. We own you now.

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