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PsyOps keep current

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The MH370 hoax showcases celebutards, satellites (hoax), and the latest in social media technology: crowdsourcing to find the imaginary plane. The hoaxsters do keep up with the latest trends to grab your imagination.

Hole lead singer Courtney Love wrote yesterday that she thought she may have found the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in satellite images posted online, although the company behind the crowdsourced effort had already identified the image as a boat.

No, Courtney Love didn’t find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – Your Community.

No, Courtney Love didn't find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 - Your Community 2014-03-18 19-46-51

Corralling us in

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The media is happy to lump all doubters into one big globby mess of conspiracy theorists. The more looney and more varied the theory, the better for their side.

Imagine if one of these stories ever included the words psyOp media fakery hoax? It appears that the more recent hoaxes begin managing “conspiracy theorists” earlier and earlier in their post hoax management with articles like this. Is this a hat-tip to our collective good works? I’d dare say…

MAJOR news events often attract stories of cover-ups and conspiracies. In the wake of the strange disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, Nadine Linge examines the bizarre and sinister theories around four more world-shattering stories – and finds out what the experts believe really happened.

via The World’s Greatest Mysteries: Marilyn Monroe, 9/11, Princess Diana and 1969 moon landing | Real Life | Life & Style | Daily Star. Simply The Best 7 Days A Week.

Deception is a universal practice

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We live for liars.

1. Deception is a universal practice. Life is a dance of deception, much of it consisting of “white” or altruistic lies designed to spare other people’s feelings, Messrs. Porter and Woodworth say. “We don’t know of anybody who doesn’t use deception. It’s a normal part of human social interaction,” Mr. Porter says. “We’re all going to use some level of deception through our lives and there’s nothing unhealthy about it. There are shades of grey that go all the way up to the full-on black.”

via Experts share eight things to know about how to spot a liar: ‘We’re giving an edge to the lie-catchers’ | National Post.

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