Deception is a universal practice

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We live for liars.

1. is a universal practice. Life is a dance of deception, much of it consisting of “white” or altruistic lies designed to spare other people’s feelings, Messrs. Porter and Woodworth say. “We don’t know of anybody who doesn’t use deception. It’s a normal part of human social interaction,” Mr. Porter says. “We’re all going to use some level of deception through our lives and there’s nothing unhealthy about it. There are shades of grey that go all the way up to the full-on black.”

via Experts share eight things to know about how to spot a liar: ‘We’re giving an edge to the lie-catchers’ | National Post.

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2 thoughts on “Deception is a universal practice

  1. rickpotvin

    …and yet truth has a way of surfacing no matter what. I would say truth is the universal practise and deception is the perversion of THAT universal practise. The universe cannot exist if deception ruled. Yet it exists. Thus truth rules. Deception has boundaries defined by truth. There is no choice. Deception is merely a pain in the ass to be dealt with and minimized where truth is to be lauded and promoted– and even explored for. Deception sucks. Truth is fun. Truth rules.

  2. Dustyash

    This is a good post and I have all the reasons to believe that deceptions and lies really run rampant at the work place as well. Hard to trust anyone and I also believe the system has made it so,,, and in a big way it has been designed to turn us against each other.


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