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The hoax showcases celebutards, satellites (hoax), and the latest in social media technology: crowdsourcing to find the imaginary plane. The hoaxsters do keep up with the latest trends to grab your imagination.

Hole lead singer Courtney Love wrote yesterday that she thought she may have found the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight in satellite images posted online, although the company behind the crowdsourced effort had already identified the image as a boat.

No, Courtney Love didn’t find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – Your Community.

No, Courtney Love didn't find Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 - Your Community 2014-03-18 19-46-51

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7 years ago

Ab, beyond the faking of the missing plane lies the very real danger of using the belief in the missing plane to concoct an even more bizarre false flag attack– as in 9/11- that will lead to justified retribution. And to add insult to injury, “they” are including nuclear dirty, emp or real bombs in the mix– which you and I know are “mere” firebombs a la hiroshima, nagasaki and earlier, dresden . It seems that the “layer” of fakery has “real world” results. My thread on this line of thought……