MH370 plane hoax explained completely

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Simon gives the perfect summary of the main question I get for the hoax: 0;WHY?”

Keywords / media memes for “Flight 370”:

– “Plane hijacking”
“I cannot confirm whether there is no hijacking,” Malaysian Transportation Minister Hishammuddin bin Hussein said at a news conference Friday.… … ck-theory/

“Al-Quaeda / terror”
“Evidence of a plot by Malaysian Islamists to hijack a passenger jet in a -style attack is being investigated in connection with the disappearance of Flight . An al-Qaeda supergrass told a court last week that four to five Malaysian men had been planning to take control of a plane, using a bomb hidden in a shoe to blow open the cockpit door.”… … plane.html

– “Skyscraper targets”
“The disclosure that Malaysians were plotting a 9/11-style attack raises the prospect that both pilots were overpowered and the plane intended for use as a fuel-filled bomb. One possible target, if the scenario is correct, will have been the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.” (same Telegraph article linked above)

– “Airplane cellphone calls”
“Why were there no phone calls from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Many recall that when United Flight 93 was hijacked on September 11, 2001, passengers were able to make two cell phone calls during the flight’s final moments. Several other calls were made using airphones.”… … le_sidebar

“Video ” (easily ‘debunked’ as just a prankster’s prank)
“Video of Malaysia MH 370 Plane Found, Passengers Alive’ is Fake. A viral Facebook post that claims there’s a CNN video of the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared more than a week ago is just a scam.”… … e-is-fake/

“Photo Fakery” (of the laughably crude and blatant sort)

“Crisis Actors” (with weak youtube speculations thereof…)
“Crisis Actor Used In CNN Package? – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

– “” (yielding data with “high degree of certainty”)
“Mr Najib said in a press conference: “Based on new satellite information, we can say with a high degree of certainty that the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System was disabled just before the aircraft reached the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.”… … plane.html

– “Nuclear threat” (courtesy of Alex Jones’ Infowars webshite…)
“The “vanished” Boeing 777 may also be in a hanger in right now, being retrofitted with nuclear weapons and turned into a suicide bomb to be deployed over a major city in the Middle East.”… … ar-weapon/

– “UFO / Aliens”
“Malaysia Air Flight 370: “There is only one possible answer. Aliens.”… … liens.html

– “The Moooon”… … ight-moon/


Phew! Well, with the exception of the “UFO/Aliens” meme, one could say that the “Flight 370” affair ‘covers’ pretty much EVERY area discussed on . Not saying they did it ‘just for us’ – don’t get me wrong. The thing is, I can’t help but admitting that this particular is (alas) a rather smart and effective move on the part of the Nutwork – for the following reasons:

– it reminds the public of 9/11 (in multiple ways).
– it reminds the public of terrorism, “Al-Qaeda”, etc…
– it reminds the public of the “unclear nuclear threat”.
– it reminds the public of “our invaluable satellite technology”.
– it reminds the public of how silly many conjectures to be found on the worldwide web can be.….

2 thoughts on “MH370 plane hoax explained completely

  1. Carys

    More fakery fun and hoaxing on Flight MH370, now with controlled opposition reinforcing various prior PsyOps:…

    “Either it is the biggest conspiracy in U.S. history since the JFK assassination, or an elaborate hoax has been perpetrated on the world.

    Intellihub investigative reporter Shepard Ambella discovered that Phillip Wood, an American high-level executive at IBM, who was on Malaysian Flight 370, sent a text message and a pitch black photo from his iPhone on March 18 at 6:22 p.m., posted to a internet message board—ten days after the plane disappeared—with the following message:

    I have been held hostage by unknown military personnel after my flight was hijacked…I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone… I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.

    This could be a hoax, except for the accompanying photo that was sent with the text. While the photo is simply a darkened image, as most people know, iPhones embed a staggering amount of metadata when a photo is taken, that include the exact GPS longitude and latitude coordinates of the phone. The coordinates indicate that Wood, according to Google Maps, is inside a large building on the Diego Garcia Naval Base. That the U.S. military hijacked Malaysian Flight MH370, diverted it to Diego Garcia and has imprisoned and/or killed the 239 passengers.

    Conspiracy theory? Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to decide for yourself.”

  2. rickpotvin

    I would disagree with Simon. He listed one idea that I think is correct, in his overall dismissal in favor of the purpose being simply reminding us of terrorism in general– that being that the phantom plane will be used in another “fake” false flag attack like 9/11 which will lead to justification for an Iran attack. Details in my threads here…

    MALAYSIAN 777 WEAPON – nuclear or dirty bomb narrative – Part V [null]…

    MALAYSION FLIGHT 370 – PART IV – The “REAL” terror incident is still about to happen.[Rem] VIEW THREAD –…

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