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  1. rickpotvin

    As I pointed out earlier, Israel is on high alert getting ready for what THEY say could be a weaponized 777 attack on one of their cities. So they are not interpreting things the way Simon is. Of course, they too know the plane is fake. However, as in the 9/11 “FAKE false flag”, consequences that followed involved REAL attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. So too with the possible “fake false flag” on an Israeli city, Iran will be blamed and retaliation upon Iran by Israel alone, if neccessary, will take place. Israel will airbomb Iran’s nuclear facilities– which we know are fake nuclear plants but possibly real dumploads. In any case, the bombing won’t stop there. I think Simons and Abs concurrance that the ONGOING missing jet “merely” “reinforces” that laundry list of concerns about the modern world –I find to be quite ludicrous actually. Sure– those ideas have been put out there but the REAL preparation of Israel IDF in high state of alert over this and the Neocon longstanding desire to destabilize Iran are consistent with Iranians with false passports on the plane. Simon points to reinforcement of belief in satellites– however doesn’t this incident prove the contrary – that satellites are useless. So are all the radar beeps and blackboxes etc.

    My insights are here

    MALAYSIAN 777 WEAPON – nuclear or dirty bomb narrative – Part V [null]
    This thread includes my start on analysis of whether dirty bombs are real or not. This is the direction I would go as a fakologist now. IF a fake plane leads to a fake false flag, we should be ready to point to the fakery of the event.

    MALAYSION FLIGHT 370 – PART IV – The “REAL” terror incident is still about to happen.[Rem] VIEW THREAD – Rick55 on Mar 18

    I currently see Simon and Tom’s pointing to the Petronas towers… but that hardly constitutes motive. Hitting (with a fake false flag event) Tel Aviv WOULD.

    March 20, 2014 – 3:35 pm
    Tom Dalpra wrote: ”Well at least we know where it is”. Priceless! Imagine that: the Flight370 (filled with nuclear bombs) hits the Petronas towers – and both plane and towers (and office workers) get dustified!

    Rick again– Just google Israel + flight 370

    Here’s a sampling of results
    News for israel “flight 370”
    Flight 370 puts Israel on high alert: “Israel has close to zero margin for error in countering and protecting itself against a …
    CNN (blog) – 6 hours ago
    A dozen days into the investigation surrounding missing Flight 370, … it is perhaps Israel that finds itself most vulnerable, thanks in part to its …
    The Tripwire on Flight 370
    Daily Beast – 1 day ago
    Ex-El Al expert: Iran likely involved in MH 370
    The Times of Israel – 4 days ago

    Rick adds– NoDisinfo.com is yielding pretty good insight.

    1. simonshack

      So what’s your point here Rick? Care to clarify? Or are you just another “Clare Kuehn”- type entity which keeps muddying the waters over at Jim Fetzer’s blogspot?

      See, you do not sound like having a firm grasp of your own thoughts. Let me quote you:

      “I currently see Simon and Tom’s pointing to the Petronas towers… but that hardly constitutes motive. Hitting (with a fake false flag event) Tel Aviv WOULD.”

      Sorry, Rick – but WHAT exactly are you on about?

      1. rickpotvin

        Simon – Hi! I’m not sure how to clarify the meaning of what I said. I’ll try briefly– Israel could be behind the fake missing plane– and may create a fake false flag to make it look like the missing plane hit one of their cities. Israel is, in reality, in a high state of alert right now with their people talking about the fear of being hit by the plane loaded with WMD. I’m not making this up. Just google israel + flight 370…

        Why Israel sees Iran’s fingerprints all over the missing Malaysia Airlines plane
        Fox News – 1 day ago

        The theory about hitting Petronas towers leads nowhere– How would Malaysia retaliate? That doesn’t start a war. At least by hitting the WTC (in a fake false flag)– the result was more war and military presence in the middle east. Similarly a fake false flag on Tel Aviv with a narrative expanded on the Iranians with fake passports as having facilitated the theft of the plane for that purpose WOULD possibly lead to more war.

        I think it’s wrong to frame me as some sort of fetzer/keuhn type. I’m just a piano salesman. I’ll be happy to publicly answer any specific question publicly under my own name that has more shape to it than “what are you on about”? –Rick.

  2. simonshack

    Ab – you’ve gotta love the way that U-tube keeps count of views and ratings …

    So far, 8 people have watched it – and 9 people have rated it !

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