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ep93-Deconstructing 9/11 controlled opposition

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Guests: Banazir, Rose, and Dusty Ash of our podchild show Dustban! Other guests include Rollo, Peter Shea, Videre Licet

Topic: Visiting a rethink911.org meeting and running into trouble

Recording time: Saturday, March 22, 2014 @ 9:11 pm EST





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Kurt Cobain must be in the DCP

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Kurt Cobain died at 27, so he’s part of the 27 club. Like the moon hoax, photos are “suddenly emerging”. How convenient they’re emerging just in time for the 20th anniversary of his removal from the scene. All the usual memes are surfacing: that thanks to nutty conspiracy nuts who think he was murdered, the detective though it wise to check his (sloppy) work. Whooops! Found some rolls of film, and low and behold, some great HD imagery! No sign of aging on this timeless film! Must be the same great film they used to film during Apollo 11.

is this the best image they could come up with to reinforce a hoax?

So what’s the purpose of this latest round of fakery? To reinforce that those that question official stories are nutty and should be ignored. To let us know that the “authorities” are always looking out for us and nothing is wrong here, nothing to see here. To let us know that it is possible to kill yourself with a single shot from a shotgun while strung out on heroin, a drug so plentiful thanks to Afghanistan and the CIA that it’s cheaper than bootleg prescription opiates.

I like Nirvana music, It has some hypnotic chords similar to other promoted music. I am told over and over via psychic driving that Kurt Cobain was a genius. That I never understood, but perhaps if he was just an actor screaming lyrics with pre-programmed music it was necessary to tell me in case it wasn’t obvious.

Seattle police release two new photos from Kurt Cobain suicide scene | Music | theguardian.com

Seattle police have released previously unseen images showing drug paraphernalia from the scene of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide 20-years-ago.
Police spokeswoman Renee Witt said that a detective who recently reviewed the Cobain case files found several rolls of undeveloped film that were taken at the suicide scene.
One image shows a box containing a spoon and what look like needles on the floor next to half a cigarette and sunglasses.
Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. The late singer’s band joins Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens and pop duo Hall and Oates as nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2014 class.
The other showed the paraphernalia box closed, next to cash, a cigarette pack and a wallet that appears to show Cobain’s identification.
“There was nothing earth-shattering in any of these images,” Ms Witt said.
Police took another look at the Cobain suicide to be ready to answer questions in connection with next month’s anniversary, she said.
“There’s still a lot of interest in this case,” she said. “The detective went into the case files to refresh himself. The outcome of the case has not changed.”
Cobain’s body was discovered in Seattle on April 8th, 1994. An investigation determined that days earlier he had gone into the greenhouse of his large home and taken a massive dose of heroin. He then shot himself with a 20-gauge shotgun.
Earlier that year, Cobain had tried to kill himself in Rome by taking an overdose of tranquillisers.
Cobain, who was 27 when he died, sold millions of albums with Nirvana and helped popularize the Pacific Northwest’s heavy, grunge rock, along with bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Mudhoney.
Cobain grew up in the logging town of Aberdeen, Washington, about two hours from Seattle. After he died thousands of young people converged on Seattle Centre, near the Space Needle, for a public memorial.
Though his death was ruled a suicide some refused to believe that, leading to conspiracy theories that Cobain had been killed.
In a statement from the Seattle Police Department, the detective who re-examined the case dismissed that speculation.
Sometimes people believe what they read — some of the disinformation from some of the books, that this was a conspiracy. That’s completely inaccurate,” said Detective Mike Ciesynski, who found the four rolls of undeveloped crime-scene photos.
It’s a suicide. This is a closed case.”

NIRVANA LYRICS – All Apologies

“All Apologies”

What else should I be
All apologies
What else should I say
Everyone is gay
What else should I write
I don’t have the right
What else should I be
All apologies

In the sun
In the sun I feel as one
In the sun
In the sun

Why is Kurt Cobain so overrated and thought to be a genius…seriously what makes him a genius?

THANK YOU. I’m glad someone said it, because I’ve been wondering the same thing. I think when someone dies, people tend to exaggerate their talents and forget about any negatives. Especially because he committed suicide, people tend to say, “Oh he was so misunderstood.” In my opinion he was mediocre at best.


Fake chopper crash

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Not much fire in these real-looking chopper crashes.

Rick’s done some good research on the Seattle “chopper crash”, including combing over fire call logs. Seems we have another drilled being painted over as a real event.


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Getting ready to get scared

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I know that I have been engaging in fear p0rn, so I apologize for that. Sometimes I fall victim to the hype. After all, my brain is just as susceptible to the propaganda as anyone else. Hopefully none of the speculation will come true, even it will only be a narrative backed by fake imagery.

Propaganda is so powerful, it can be difficult to defend oneself from it. Here’s a video of an audio I’ve played and linked to before that reminds us of that.

h/t Jan Erik

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