ep93-Deconstructing 9/11 controlled opposition

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Guests: Banazir, Rose, and Dusty Ash of our podchild show Dustban! Other guests include Rollo, Peter Shea, Videre Licet

Topic: Visiting a rethink911.org meeting and into trouble

Recording time: Saturday, March 2014 @ 9:11 pm EST





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5 thoughts on “ep93-Deconstructing 9/11 controlled opposition

  1. Tom

    Loved it. Banazir and Dusty, our intrepid heroes haha excellent! It actually made me happy and also gave me hope that there are golden fakeologist couples 🙂

    Striking a healthy blow for sanity 🙂

  2. FauxCapitalist

    Ab, on a previous show you said you thought they probably had gatekeepers at each level of the 9/11 psy-op. Have you identified anyone who is a gatekeeper of your listeners and readers?

    We know it’s not Fetzer, since most on here have seen that he’s not willing to logically take this information to the next level.

    1. ab Post author

      Haven’t seen any real standouts, although I had to get rid of one obfuscator from the forums here. So far most appear genuine, but I’m always weary.

      1. Tom

        Excuse my pedantry, but It’s ‘wary’ you mean, rather than weary, I think, Ab. You always ‘say’ that. You’re cautious rather than tired, I assume? Having said that. They both could work 🙂

        It’s the Canadian accent.

        On shills and gatekeepers , from my perspective, the only person who would make any real difference on here if they were a shill, would be you, Ab. I’m not suggesting you are a shill or a gate-keeper, rather that if I trust you, I don’t have to worry too much about the big picture on here as it’s a one man operation. Keeps it simple. Right now today, I do trust you, and I like it here for that reason.

        Not sure about too much raw food though. I like boiling vegetables.

        Thanks for all your honest work.

        1. ab Post author

          You’re right: I’m wary more than weary in this case. As for boiling your veggies, I do believe it destroys most of the nutrients. Thanks for your support.

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