Fake chopper crash

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Not much fire in these real-looking chopper crashes.

Rick’s done some good research on the Seattle 0;chopper crash”, including combing over fire call logs. Seems we have another drilled being painted over as a real event.


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12 thoughts on “Fake chopper crash

  1. tsisageya

    As far as I’m concerned, Peter Jennings is the be all and end all of bullshit, with me. What a paradigm shift. How many of those am I supposed to take? Let me know, m’kay?

    When those you trust turn out to be screwing you over. That’s bad, m’kay?

    1. rickpotvin

      That’s an interesting unrelated off-topic comment that I’ll note here. Why would you invoke Peter Jennings at this point? Are you drinking. I have nothing against drinking. I’m having a beer as I write this. So don’t get me wrong. Can you expand on your comment?

  2. columjaddica

    Kallie Meno

    Today I cancelled a 7:00AM appointment to be with my colleagues for our funding announcement and drove into work early. As I was stopped at a red light between Fisher Plaza and the Space Needle, I noticed above me a helicopter that began to spin out of control. Moments later it crashed directly behind me in flames. I don’t know who was looking out for me today, but thank you. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrific event today.




    They just don’t care any longer, do they?

  3. psyopticon

    Not wishing to confuse the research into the Seattle chopper crash/PSYOP, but there was another curious (alleged) chopper crash in the UK, just before St Paddy’s Day.

    The crash claimed the lives of four men, we are told, including Edward Haughey, Lord Ballyedmond, 70. Haughey founded Norbrook Labs, a leading manufacturer of veterinary drugs.

    Haughey was reportedly one of the richest men in Ireland.

    Haughey’s chopper was an Agusta-Westland AW139. It reportedly came down in thick fog, shortly after take-off from Gillingham Hall, his country estate near Beccles, Norfolk, England.

    Coincidentally, Haughey was the inaugural chairman of the Irish Aviation Authority. The Authority oversees, on behalf of the Irish government, all “safety and technical aspects of civil aviation” in the country.

    www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obitu… (very strange reader comments left there..)

    The Daily Mail carries its own images of the supposed crash site. In those pictures the chopper appears to have come down on piles of straw or animal manure, and there are straw rolls/bails in the foreground, obscuring all critical viewpoints of the supposed crash scene.

    The straw bails (fortuitously?) block any view of the physical connection between the apparent crash debris and the ground. Those bails are so conspicuous that they feel like an added top layer in a photo composite:


    If there was no crash, then what did happen to Haughey? He was no ‘spring chicken’, so maybe he just died of natural causes some while previous?

    I’ve often wondered if many of the deaths of the rich and famous are sexed up as murder, foul-play or terrible accidents. Many of them have gained their fortunes illicitly, so perhaps their relatives have no choice but to go along with a PSYOP over their death if they want to retain their ill-gotten wealth?

    Also, eight weeks earlier, in the same county of Norfolk, four USAF personnel apparently died when their Pave Hawk HH-60G helicopter crashed on the beach in the village of Cley-next-the-Sea. This time, tall sea reeds (photoshopped or not) obscured any real view of that apparent crash site:


    1. Tom

      Yes, a welcome tangent here pysopticon, I’m just down the road here in Cambridgeshire.
      We’ve had quite a time of helicopter crashes, of late here in the UK haven’t we?

      There was that suspicious one in London :
      Then that highly suspicious one in Glasgow:

      I think your speculation on Lord Haughey ( and some deaths of the rich and famous in general) makes sense. He could well have died of natural causes and they ‘sexed it up’.

      He had been in the process of suing the company. Maybe on this one, his people are taking the opportunity to have the last laugh:

      ”Haughey, haughhey, whore.”

      1. psyopticon

        The poster FelixFelix has been doing a good job over on DIF, teasing apart the anomalies in the latest Chopper Crash story in Britain. That’s the crash that reputedly claimed the lives of four men, including Eddie Haughey, Baron Ballyedmond.


        Reading DIF leaves me feeling a wee bit dirty, and even more so posting there. It’s setting oneself up to be discredited by association! Whatever. Needs must on this occasion as there’s a news blackout everywhere else.

        A week after the accident, and we’re no wiser on “Edward Edna Haughey” and who he actually was, if anyone much. Was he really the mastermind and CEO of Norbrook, a veterinary meds company employing 1,500 men? The fortunes of which made him one of the richest men in Ireland, with personal wealth of circa €500 million?

        I’m no medic, but Norbrook Labs makes no sense. Its company literature is so sparse. It’s entirely privately-owned, so under no obligation to publish an annual report, but even so, there’s very little info on it. The Financial Times, for example, over the last ten years, has published just two articles mentioning Norbrook, and both of those were only oblique mentions.

        Another oddity is that, according to Wonkypedia, Norbrook Labs can’t really claim credit for anything much. It hasn’t developed any important drugs. And until 2009 it had done nothing to account for such enormous wealth of its CEO. For much of its life, it reportedly churned out its own label versions of out-of-patent generics, most of which were just veterinary versions of tried-and-tested human drugs. Drugs like amoxycillin and clavulonic acid compounds etc. Nothing market-leading there. And Norbrook was perhaps not even manufacturing those. It appears that it was just re-branding pills and potions made in the Far East.

        Can a business like that really employ over a thousand people? And if Norbrook is as hi-tech as the press claims, then what’s it doing in Newry, and not Cambridge or Oxford, or even Dublin, where it would attract the brains needed to become world expert in drug development?

        So did Haughey’s money, if there was any, come from somewhere else? He certainly had significant links to the aviation and aircraft manufacturing industries. Is that the true source of his wonga? Was flying choppers around, hither and thither, not just a means of transport, but his business proper?

        Haughey’s boardroom colleague at Norbrook was Sir (Robert William) Roy McNulty (b.1937). McNulty gives his address as a villa in San Giovanni Del Pantano, Italy. Sir Roy is also chairman of Gatwick Airport Ltd. So there’s yet another link to aviation. And Haughey was, as said earlier, the first Chairman of the Irish Aviation Authority, and until recently, owner of Carlisle Aerodrome.

        Haughey seems to have much more to do with aviation than he ever did drugs.

        Or maybe Haughey was just an intelligence cut-out – with no truth wealth of his own – but through whom illicit funds were laundered, for purchasing castles and country estates, helicopters, private airfields, and so on, for the use of the Apparatus.

        The man was an enigma if nothing else.

  4. rickpotvin

    Doug Tolmie- with the video company that Strothman apparently worked with — bills himself as a storyteller. Tolmie promotes story story telling to change the world. (Of course, Tolmie doesn’t deal with whether the story has to be true or not!) Now– we fakologists (fakeologists)– understand NASA as running fake events but what if they see themselves merely as storytellers who change the world (rather than liars)? If the photo on Tolmie’s homepage storycom.com isn’t fake, then we apparently see Tolmie with none other than Niel Armstrong! Nothing on this page yet about Strothman’s death. (fake death, that is). www.storycom.com/about-us/

    For faster page loading updates on this “story”– see my thread on this hoax here…

    Thanks to columjaddica for the pointer to Strothman’s connection to Tolmie.

  5. columjaddica

    (from one of the KOMO articles)

    Longtime KOMO-TV news photographer Bill Strothman had been so busy with his own video-production company lately that he hadn’t gotten around to quitting his “little part-time job” shooting video from a news helicopter, his wife said.

    Helicopter pilot Gary Pfitzner was also looking to retire — not from flying, but from his day job at the Boeing plant in Renton, where he worked for 36 years, according to his younger brother, Mark Pfitzner. A company liaison between Japan and Spain, Pfitzner also had several patents to his name, his brother said.

    So the pilot worked for Boeing and has several patents, and the photographer that died seems to work with “special” video projects.

    Here’s the guy Strothman worked with at the video company.


    Tolmie seems like a real “company guy”

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